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How much is my Quadra 700 worth?

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Hi folks,


I hope that I'm not breaking any forum rules by asking this!


I have a Quadra 700.  It's fully working and in good condition.  It is running 7.5.3, and has 68MB of RAM and a recently replaced PRAM battery.



Is anyone able to tell me, were I to consider selling it, how much I should advertise it for?



I am based in the UK if that makes any odds.




Thanks very much!



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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to valuations. An item that sells high today might not sell at all tomorrow. If the right people see it and are they able to pay more, then you'll get more. The market can be strange that way sometimes. 

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I haven't seen a Quadra 700 on eBay UK for a very long time! It has got to be said that the market can be really his or miss; you just don't know if it will go for £10 or £100!


Recently I've noticed that market for the SE/30 has also been hit or miss. I bought one last week for £37 while one sold for £210 during the Summer!


It would be difficult to put a price on it so you could let market forces decide. If you list it for a low starting price it might just bid up to a high amount.


What do you think it is worth? 

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The trouble is, if I put it on eBay as a plain vanilla auction, like you said it could sell for £0.99, £99, or £299!   I don't particularly want to part with it for the former amount!!


A few months ago I looked at eBay's sold listings and I'm sure I saw a couple, albeit in the US, go for £2-300...


I don't think I'd want to part with it for less than about £100.  Is that too optimistic?!

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Thing is this (At least for USA Storm Recovery rules when you house gets wrecked), you Q700 is worth by this rule:


Replacement Value = Original Store Price - 10% of said price * how many years you had it. The problem with this rule is that after 10 years, the item becomes worthless. At this point it is worth what you can do with it and what you put in it. Sometimes software counts, sometimes it does not.


A good standing point is by price of value (according to this rule for a "Worthless device") is 20% of its former price plus what upgrades/repairs you gave it. I'm not counting software, software only counts if you have the original disks, manuals and box to go with it; if not it can be said you pirated the software. If its a collector's item, that price goes up from there. You need to prove that its a collector's item - original receipts, low serial numbers, special rare add-ons, etc., all things the machine originally came with and not what you added later on.


But in the end, somewhere between what you think the machine is worth and what people are willing to accept as a selling price is, what the machine is really worth. Your price would be considered the high end, and what people are willing to spend is the low end. To get what you think it is worth is where negotiations begins.

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Here's my grading scale, adopted from the Toy scale.  You can at least grade it.  I can tell you that the Quadra 700 is a fairly popular model.  You can check the Completed Auctions on eBay to get an idea of what they sell for on eBay.


Mint+ = Same as mint, but may include additional period accessories, documentation, or carry technical/historical significance.
Mint = Never opened.  Box shows regular shelf wear.
Near Mint = Never opened.  Box suffered from major defects.
Mint in Box = Same as Mint, but box has been opened.  Contents have otherwise remained untouched.
Near Mint in Box = Same as Near Mint, but box has been opened.  Contents have otherwise remained untouched.
Boxed = Complete and includes the box in varying condition.
Complete = Includes everything except the box, such as accessories, software, manuals, and documentation in varying condition.
Incomplete = Missing one or more items above.
New = Computer has never been used.
Like New = Computer looks an functions as new.
Excellent = Computer had little use, has no discoloration, scratches, chips, or cracks.
Very Good = Computer had some use, has minor discoloration, but no scratches, chips, or cracks.
Good = Computer is used and may have minor to medium discoloration and/or some scratches, but no cracks.
Used = Computer is well used and may have medium to major discoloration, scratches, and/or chips, but no cracks.
Poor = Computer is in poor condition, may have major discoloration, scratches, chips, and/or cracks.
Other Terminology that may affect value:
No Boot = Turns on, but doesn't boot.
Nonworking = Doesn't turn on.
For Parts = Machine is only useable for spare parts.
Development = Computer intended for developers outside the company.
Prototype = Pre-production computer for internal development only.
Limited = Limited edition or only produced in very small quantities.
Corrosion = Battery and/or capacitor leak, components may be irreparably damaged.
Recap = Capacitors have been replaced.
VCS [Vintage Computing Scale]:
50+ - Mint+.
50  - Mint. ***
48  - Near Mint. ***
46  - Mint in Box.
44  - Near Mint in Box.
42  - Computer is New and Complete.
40  - Computer is New and Incomplete.
38  - Computer is Like New and Boxed.
36  - Computer is Excellent and Boxed.
34  - Computer is Like New and Complete.
32  - Computer is Excellent and Complete.
30  - Computer is Like New and Incomplete.
28  - Computer is Very Good and Boxed.
26  - Computer is Excellent and Incomplete.
24  - Computer is Very Good and Complete.
22  - Computer is Good and Boxed.
20  - Computer is Good and Complete.
18  - Computer is Used and Boxed.
16  - Computer is Good and Incomplete.
14  - Computer is Used and Complete.
12  - Computer is Used and Incomplete.
10  - Computer is Poor and Boxed.
8   - Computer is Poor and Complete.
6   - Computer is Poor and Incomplete.
4   - Working, For Parts.
2   - Non-working, For Parts.
*** Mint or Near Mint versus Mint In Box or Near Mint In Box:  There is a lot of fun to be had in opening a vintage computer for the very first time.  However, there is a very important factor to include when determining the best price before purchasing.  Because most computers shipped with a battery installed, due to their age and depending on the quality of the battery, it is possible that the battery has leaked and corroded the internal components.  Additionally, electrolytic and paper capacitors have a tendency to bulge and leak over time, leading to possible corrosion.  Without first opening a box and inspecting a computer, it is unknown if a battery or capacitors have done so.  Due to the ever increasing age of vintage computers, it is becoming more and more likely for this to occur.  Therefore, while Mint and Near Mint are at the top of the scale, the value of the computer may not always coincide with the grade due to these unforeseeable factors.  Be careful with unopened vintage equipment, and if possible, ask the seller to inspect the computer first.
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Hi hcanning,


I'd rate the Q700 on a par with the SE/30 for desirability with the added bonus that it is slightly more shippable. I'd expect at least GBP30 on Ebay and I wouldn't be at all surprised with a sale price of GBP60. GBP100 is USD160. Would anybody here pay that before shipping?


You are likely to get a much better deal here, btw, or a list like the LEMSwaplist. Instead of offering a price, why don't you invite offers and accept the highest one?


Shipping the Q700 gets quite expensive. If you don't mind parting it out, you might even get a better offer for the motherboard, RAM and SIMM. In essence, some of the price that would have been paid for shipping will be going to you.

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  • 68kMLA Supporter

What would be useful would be some pictures to see the condition it's in - that will really affect its value.


I have two Quadra 700s (a US and a UK one) and I swapped various parts between them to make one that's in very good condition, and one that's a little worse for wear!

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Looks for me comes in second place. My concern is in whether is works or not and how so.


As as an example - Yesterday I just bought a Dell PII laptop (Inspiron 3500) for $20 because I need an old PC with a Serial Port for some things. The screen was in excellent condition but the bottom frame and back of the LCD Frame by the hinge as a few cracks. And there was an OS Conflict in its Windows System that gave it strange behaviors. With a bit of work, I got it working (resetting the BIOS, opening the case and tightening up a couple of loose connections, and running Norton Utilities 2002 CD). Now it works fine. The cracks in the bottom case and LCD Frame is just cosmetic and does not interfere with its operation which is more important to me.

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wow that jogged a memory. I used to own a 400Mhz Inspiron 3500 as my main laptop through high school. Alongside that, I had a Micron Trek II which was a government decomissioned model, and at that time the HDD caddies were impossible to find and very expensive. I used to run Knoppix on that Trek II until I was able to get a caddy. 


this was in about 2002 or so. 


I loaned the 3500 out to a friend of mine, and it came back with a dead motherboard. That was the last time I loaned my stuff out, and the reason I lost that laptop. At this time though I was getting into 3D gaming pretty heavily and I was outgrowing the 3500 anyway. it had a Magicgraph 256 in it which was crap at games. I tried XP on the machine, but ended up going back to 98 because of better gaming support. 


I remember taking that machine on a field trip in high school, and 98 crapped out on me. had to do a windows reinstall while I was on the bus. Wow, the good ol windows 98 days. Glad they are gone....


I pulled its CPU card and stuck it in the Trek II which had the same CPU slot, the trek II was only a 266. stuck the 400 card in it. 

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