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Designing a portable RAM card

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...(send 2-self addressed mailed planes to yourself and open one up to see it and keep the other sealed until a "judge needs to see it," and keep both together)...


I can say, with true and absolute certainty, that this hasn't been accepted as evidence in patent court for at least 40 years, if not longer.

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Here is my CPLD code in a nutshell: 


Chip Select/Bank Select Signals.
A20, A21, A22, A23 Address line decode. The chip is hooked up between A0 and A18, or A1 to A19 if you look at the portable bus. 


Base RAM:
0000 = No chip selected, all lines off = 0


Extended RAM:
0001 - Chip 1 Select ON, Lower Bank ON = 1
0010 = Chip 1 Select ON, Upper Bank ON = 2


0011 = Chip 2 Select ON, Lower Bank ON = 3

0100 = Chip 2 Select ON, Upper Bank ON = 4


0101 = Chip 3 Select ON, Lower Bank ON = 5

0110 = Chip 3 Select ON, Upper Bank ON = 6


0111 = Chip 4 Select ON, Lower Bank ON = 7
1000 = Chip 4 Select ON, Upper Bank ON = 8


When I say Upper/Lower bank, I mean just toggling A20 high or low. Since the macintosh portable has base RAM at 512K-Word, or 1MB, I decided to break the expansion down into 1 meg chunks as well. Since the toshiba chips are 1M-Word, or 2Mbytes, just deciding where A20 is determines if I am working with the first 512kword, or the second 512kword. 

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the portable is an oddball. All RAM is mapped up until you run into ROM. Rom doesnt begin at 40 0000 as on the SE/Plus,etc. it begins at A0 0000 or 90 0000. Something like that. 


Why would I use an i8042? thats a keyboard controller. 

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By way of some special pass through connector in the ROM slot that breaks out the needed extra address lines? How will that be done, exactly? Or did you solve that by doing all the encoding/decoding/etc. on the card?


I will definitely be interested in one when it's ready.


...And a new back lit ribbon cable for the LCD (or a decent repair of the current one).



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Eagerly awaiting the test results -- and I don't even have a Portable.  I just have pent up project pressure (PUPP).  I had this project in mind for years.   It's wonderful to see it get done even if I'm not involved (other than pulling a box out of the attic).

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Techknight....  I don't know if this helps but I just found an 8MB PDS RAM card in my collection!!!!!!!! This gives you the full 8MB.. It's plugged into a 5126.. I don't know if there is more if you plug it in a 5120 but I will try... Look at the pics... It says Sunland Micro Systems










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