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Dynaport Esi/30 problems

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I've recently acquired an old apple mac Se/30 and decided to face the challenge of getting it onto the internet so I bought a Dynaport Esi/30 Ethernet card and preformed a clean install of 7.5.3 i then bridged the ether connection on my laptop to the WiFi then connected the Se/30 to my laptop and following some guides on the internet attempted to set it up using Mac/TCP with no luck 


Then i came across a very helpful guide on this site which recommended the use of open transport, so i updated the mac OS to 7.5.5 but again after another hour of playing around with apple-talk, open-transport and all the other settings and connecting the Se/30 directly to a router nothing happened, so I'm wondering if i need any additional drivers for the Ethernet card , there is a green status light on the back which blinks about 2 flashes a second when a Ethernet cable is connected. 

the annoying thing is that when i was playing around with 7.5.3, Mac/TCP and connected to the laptop's bridged connection it did at one point connect to the laptop and the green status light on the Se/30 was solid but i have no idea what i had done to make it connect to the laptop and after restarting the Se/30 the connection was lost. 


What am i doing wrong hopefully its something simple and not a duff PDS card. 


Thanks in advance for any advice, Josh. 

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I've run into what sounds like the same issue a handful of times with some (but not all) PDS Ethernet cards I've tried. What ended up yielding success was using a router or switch with manually configurable ports, or using bridged networking on a Mac or PC. The trick was to set the port on the switch, router, or modern computer to 10Base-T rather than auto negotiation. Sometimes this also disables Auto MDI-X and may necessitate use of a crossover cable if connected between computers. Apparently some of the cards I own respond incorrectly to auto negotiation from a modern device, causing it to select an incompatible mode. I did experience brief success intermittently before changing the port setting, but rebooting or disconnectong anything would send me back to frustration. I attributed this to just be a fluke where the PDS card didn't "confuse" the modern device. Hope this gets you going. I can't remember if half vs full duplex makes a difference. Someone also suggested putting a 10Base-T hub or switch between the PDS card and router. Didn't have one to try.

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