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Help: Making an ADB Extension Cable

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Hello all,


I have a spare ADB lead which I cut off of an AppleDesign keyboard and an ADB port that I unsoldered from a scrap IIci 'board. I would like to attached them together to create an ADB extension cable.


Does anybody know what each colour wire corresponds to?








Pin 1 ADB Data   Pin 2 PSW Power on   Pin 3 +5V +5 volts power   Pin 4 GND Ground



Thank you!

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Don't have that info offhand, but thought I'd mention a couple of things for you and the gang:


If you don't have one already, pick up a continuity tester, they're invaluable for the hobby and the fastest way to determine pin assignments/color coding for this kind of thing.


Consider ordering S-Video connectors for this purpose.


Consider re-purposing (currently cheap as dirt ;D ) PS/2 KVM Switches with panel mount version of same. They're the equivalent of your extension cable,but for several Macs at once in that config.

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