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My Classic is now working

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I recently acquired a poorly original Macintosh Classic. It had a somewhat gunked motherboard, and since my soldering skills are rudimentary I sent it off to Uniserver for him to work his magic. I also sent him the motherboard and power supply from my trusty LC475. I thought it was a good opportunity to get everything recapped at once. He also overclocked the 475 to 33MHz.


The boards came back yesterday.




Uniserver has done a brilliant job, replacing the caps with new ones that won't go bad in a hurry! Here's a closeup of the Classic main board.




The Classic now boots without any wobbles and with a clear startup chime. The original hard drive seems to have died at some point in the last few weeks so I have fitted an 80MB Quantum with an installation of System 6.0.8. It also boots fine from the System Folder in ROM.




My LC475 is also up and running and faster than ever before! This machine really flies with the overclock. I think it will resume its rightful place on my desk; got to find somewhere else for the Classic to live now...



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