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Found 6 results

  1. Since this is absolutely the place to contemplate this question, I've been thinking about how to make my Wallstreet mobile again. I had a thought: What if you took the innards out of an existing dead battery pack and installed a cheap USB power bank in the case and used it in the slot? Could you run the machine with just the power leads connected, or would it complain if it didn't see anything connected to the charging pins? Would the machine be able to tell the level of charge just from the power output? Basically, does anyone have a schematic for the charging system I can review befo
  2. I bought a PowerBook G3 WallStreet model a while back that appears to be the first revision 233mhz with the lame zero L2 cache. It came with 2 floppy modules installed and no battery or optical drive. I got a new in box CD module for next to nothing but I have been unable to find a battery. Does anyone know of any replacements, aftermarket, etc? I can live without it but it would be nice to have. The PRAM battery is dead and unlike my TiBook G4 that is 2 years newer it won't charge the PRAM battery even after being plugged in for a week now. Oh well, not critical I guess. I can prob
  3. Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement? Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it open, I'm hoping someone has been there before! I've decided to revive my oldest still in one piece laptop, my old PC laptop went pop, so had to get binned. This got me through university, so has a lot of memories. The main battery does take a charge, but only barely. the PRAM battery is shot as fa
  4. I recently picked up an almost mint PB Wallstreet PDQ running System 9.2 to use as a bridge computer with my SE/30, SE, and Classic II. It works perfectly except for dead PRAM and main batteries. I have a bunch of old WiFi PCMCIA cards around the house, including a Cisco 350, so I hope to find the drivers and get it set up for wireless networking. I am having difficulties getting AppleTalk to work with my SE/30. All the compact macs happily connect and work with each other, and the PB will connect to the SE/30 and mount the SE/30 HD. My problem is that the SE/30 sees the PB, but when I go to m
  5. Thanks to techfury90, I now have in my possession a beautiful Wallstreet/PDQ! Look at it next to the 520c. THANK YOU! sorry for the awful resolution, my webcam sucks.
  6. Hello all, I go to a local university auction fairly regularly. I know the auctioneer well and have attended for nearly as long as I've had money of my own to spend. I got a lot of my classic gear from this auction, and every once in a while something very interesting comes up. So, I'm running around looking at things and not actually paying attention to the auction until I hear the criers, well, crying my number holding up PowerBook G3s. I shake my head no, and the auctioneer gets nary a bid. So, what does he do? He stacks all of the PowerBooks together in one lot. The bidding commenc
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