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Found 6 results

  1. I have developed an adapter for using USB keyboards and mice over ADB. View a video demonstration of the prototype below. It is powered by the ADB bus and hosts USB keyboards, mice, and hubs. The production version will have an integrated hub with two ports (one keyboard, one mouse). The prototype is functional, but there is a lot of work left to do. Designing the PCB, implementing some additional firmware features I have planned, designing an enclosure, implementing a test suite, etc. Expecting to be able to ship them in 1Q 2017. Demonstration video
  2. Hey everyone, got my hands on a TAM recently, was in much better shape than advertised. Had all the original boxes, plastic wrap, foam, everything. Even the apple logo decals were still on their sheet! Had all sorts of accessories like an extra back, a riser card for the comm slot and also what appears to be an extra pci riser card as it already has one installed. In the PCI slot right now is a Twin turbo 128m/m2 and I had a Apple 10BASE-T Ethernet CSII Twisted-Pair Card in a 6500 that I was able to transfer over to the comm slot. That same 6500 had a PCI riser card that had two PCI slo
  3. I have a 30" Apple Cinema Display that works fine until you plug the display hub connector into the computer. When you plug either the USB or the Firewire connectors into the host computer, the display goes black. Unplug them, and the display comes back on. I have had 2 different power supplies - same thing happens on them both. I believe others have seen this issue with these monitors, but I have not seen a solution. Any ideas about what may be causing it? Capacitors somewhere in the display? Faulty power board in the display? Would love to figure out how to fix it - it's a great display othe
  4. I need to reinstall Leopard on my iBook G4, however I have no dual-layer DVDs to burn my .dmg to. So, I need to boot from USB. I have heard that this has been done before through Open Firmware. How is this done? I might also need to install on my PMG5, so I'd like a method that works with that too. Thanks!
  5. Apple System Profiler tells me I have a "PCI card" in slot A1 of the beige G3tower I am currently working on. It doesn't tell me much more than that. It does give me a vendor code of 3388, which comes back to a "Hint Corp" whom I cannot seem to find on the web. I can tell you it is Firewire/USB card with two external ports for each, and 1 internal port for each. The problem is, my employer bought several of these G3's in various configurations off eBay. They did not necessarily come with all the software for the add-ons. I am having trouble finding enough info about "PCI bridge" card to h
  6. I just got a PowerMac G4 (Yikes!) yesterday and I've been busy setting it up with Mac OS 8.6. The problem I'm having is that my Logitech mouse isn't being used to its full potential. The right click functions the same as the left click and the scroll wheel doesn't work at all. I remember years ago I was using a Logitech mouse with an original iMac and everything worked as expected. I think I had to download some software from the Internet for it to work though. Today I can't find that software and I'm getting really frustrated. Does anyone have the software I'm looking for? I've s
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