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Found 7 results

  1. I've had several PhoneNet adapters in my collection for many years but never used them since my SE/30 has an Ethernet card. But today I was thinking about multiplayer games like MazeWars which might be fun for myself and my two kids. I have a Mac 512k (64k ROMs) and a PhoneNet adapter for it (including terminating resistor), and I also have two Farallon PhoneNet adapters with round connectors for use with more modern Compact Macs like the SE/30 shown here: I am running System 6.0.8 and System 7.1 and 7.5.5 on my two SE/30's, and I have pre-System6 operating systems o
  2. Hello, I recently added a Centris 650 to my collection and am having a bit of a conundrum regarding 32-bit addressing. I removed the PRAM battery the first day I got it. It wasn't leaking, but I didn't want to take any chances. Unfortunately, 32-bit addressing must be a PRAM setting because when booting up from a cold boot under 7.5.3 or 7.5.5 24-bit addressing is on instead. I tried using a control panel named PRAM Auto-restore, but it didn't help much. It made it so that the 32-bit addressing switch was turned on, but I still had to restart the computer in order for 32-bit a
  3. Hi guys. I’ve been having problems trying to get my home network working in my new hobby room, i was trying ring main extenders but I believe my new built property has a split ring main so it hasn’t worked. Anyway why i look at a more robust work around I wonder if i could use my Mac mini on WiFi as an internet pass through, is this possible to get my se/30 PowerPc and g3 imac through a switch into the mac mini?
  4. I'm sure this topic has been asked many times, but I want to know everyone's latest thoughts on the matter. System 7.1 seems to be slightly more lightweight than 7.5, but is it really a significant difference? I realize that almost all of the functionality in 7.5 can be added to 7.1.1 by copying the control panels over (PC Exchange especially comes to mind). I plan on using system picker to pick between 6.0.8, some version of 7 (7.1.1 or 7.5.5) and 8.1. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!
  5. Hello all, I acquired a recapped SE/30 about a year ago. All was well until early this year when the notorious Quantum hard disk failed. The machine shipped with System 6.0.8 and before this failure I had already purchased a USB floppy drive and floppies to create install disks (using a TiBook with Tiger so I can format and write images / files with Mac OS Standard formatting). I successfully upgraded to System 7.0.1; shortly after this, the drive failed. Once this happened, I bought a RaizinMonster (CF to SCSI adapter) from artmix and a 4 GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. My dilemma is that
  6. I acquired an LC III without a hard drive a couple of months ago and have gone through the laborious process of finding a working compatible hard disk drive. I started with an 80 MB Quantum ProDrive ELS 50-pin SCSI drive which worked the first day, but then failed on all subsequent boot attempts. I then ordered a 1GB drive but was accidentally shipped a 68-pin SCSI drive from HP instead. Even after trying a 50 to 68 pin adapter and a patched version of Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.2 (from the System 7.5 Disk Tools floppy), the machine never did recognize the drive as being attached to the SCSI port.
  7. Hi, I have a classic two which has to support for hd20 emulation. It has a hard drive in it, which spins up and makes noises, but it does not mount when I boot up the mac. Is there something I can do to reformat the hard drive so that I can put System 7 on it?
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