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Found 7 results

  1. So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests (that actually made it worse) I finally gave up and went for a SCSI2SD with an adapter. As a keep-it-original hooligan, the main drawback here was not only that the lack of noise from the hard drive felt strange, unexpectedly quiet, but that it made you feel other noises that normally would
  2. Happy Holidays All. Recently I cleared the deck of some house projects and have been able to dust of my vintage Mac bits, 2 of which include these beauties: I had the Bit Micro but had never been able to get running on my IIsi or SE/30. I found a thread from member max1zzz about some 68 to 50 pin SCSI adaptors that in August of 2014 I purchased but had not been able to get running until today. With Lido from the IIsi I used Easy Format to get this 4.5GB drive working. The Adtron unit on the right was an eBay find ~2015 but went untested as the
  3. Hi group. I'd like to start doing some more work on my Powerbook 3400. My intent is to make it into a triple boot (if not triple, dual boot) machine with: Mac OS Linux NetBSD (if I can get triple boot; Linux is priority) Biggest bottleneck on the machine is the hard drive (both in terms of speed and capacity). I searched here for SSD options and it looks like something like this may do the trick, with a 2GB mSATA drive (or whatever size I can find that works for me). Has anyone had any success with this type of setup? Thanks, -10d
  4. Hi guys, So the saga continues... Put together the iBook G4 with the SSD in place. Boots up great and the machine is acceptably fast now (also installed more memory) However, when I duplicated the previous drive onto the SSD (I used DD on Ubuntu), it turns out it didn't do that magic that allows Mac OS 10.5.8 to resize the partition on the now larger drive. The error I get is -- "MediaKit reports partition (map) too small" I've tried two things so far: - using Gparted live CD (doesn't work on PowerPC macs) - deleting Bootcache and other files -- deleting the files as rec
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to macs in general so please takee it easy on me... :b&w: I just recently got an iBook G4 and want to replace the HDD with an SSD. Two issues that people have mentioned but seem to have no hard information about: 1 - The pin set-up of the original HDD. Some people have told me it's not a normal sized IDE. It's smaller. I can't really tell from the pictures on the internet so I'm hoping someone has done this before and can tell me definitively 2- Sata 3 to PATA. The SSD I want to use is a normal 2.5" SATA 3 HDD. Once again, "people online" have said
  6. Hello all, I acquired a recapped SE/30 about a year ago. All was well until early this year when the notorious Quantum hard disk failed. The machine shipped with System 6.0.8 and before this failure I had already purchased a USB floppy drive and floppies to create install disks (using a TiBook with Tiger so I can format and write images / files with Mac OS Standard formatting). I successfully upgraded to System 7.0.1; shortly after this, the drive failed. Once this happened, I bought a RaizinMonster (CF to SCSI adapter) from artmix and a 4 GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. My dilemma is that
  7. Since I have been doing this for almost 10 years, I want to continue the experiments further and post my results. Hopefully others will share their experiences of what they found. Note: These experiments are done on PowerBooks with PCMCIA slots and IDE Hard Drive Ports. That's anything from the PB 190/5300 to G3/G4 iBooks and PowerBooks. It also includes the 500-series PowerBooks as they have an optional PCMCIA slots and the PowerBook 2300 and PowerBook 150 (I think) which has an IDE Hard Drive Port. In both cases, to work with a Compact Flash Card (CF card for short) you will need a C
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