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Found 2 results

  1. This is an LC I bought as part of a deal because one of the ROMs was dead and would not boot. I recently got a new set of ROMs, put it in, and "BONG!" It's alive again! But it is squealing from the speaker, which is a sign of it needing a recapping job. But this LC was recapped, but I am using a PSU from another LC III. This LC III PSU is not recapped, but will be soon as soon as I get some caps. I do have a LC475 PSU that is recapped, and will test that tomorrow for right now I am tired. I'm suspecting the PSU as the cause the squealing. If so, I got nothing to worry about. I just
  2. I would never call another member's work as shoddy or terrible. In fact this LC board's recap was done better than what I could have in comparing it to those I did. And I praised him for it, he does great work. Sorry Uniserver, it's not you. I'm talking about CompuNerd. But this LC board still eludes me. At first I thought it was noise from the PSU. Nope. The PSU works fine and without noise on other LC Boards, including LC II, LC III and LC 475. So I decided to try a known perfectly working LC PSU from another LC III to this LC. IT SQUEALS!!! So it's not the PSU creating noise on the
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