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Found 17 results

  1. So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests (that actually made it worse) I finally gave up and went for a SCSI2SD with an adapter. As a keep-it-original hooligan, the main drawback here was not only that the lack of noise from the hard drive felt strange, unexpectedly quiet, but that it made you feel other noises that normally would
  2. Okay, as promised, here is my idiots guide to installing a SCSI2SD to replace a defective HDD. This has been tried and tested in my Centris 650, but should be broadly applicable to any 68k Mac. Thanks to gadget, rezwits and olePigeon for helping me to get it right over the weekend! Actually, the process is really quite straight-forwards to get a SCSI2SD working in your old 68k Mac. You do need the following (as well as the SCSI2SD and a MicroSD card); A modern Mac that you can install the SCSI2SD-UTIL software onto (the current version only runs on Intel Macs, but I believe that older ve
  3. I've been struggling to set up SCSI2SD for my Mac CC for quite a while and I've decided to try the SCSI2SD monitor and to my dismay it said "SD Test: FAIL". My question is: does this mean that SCSI2SD adapter is damaged? (the worse case) or is it just that the SD card is damaged? (a bit unlikely yet better case)
  4. I've designed a 3D printed SCSI2SD hard drive mount. It's different from other 3D printed mounts in that is utilizes threaded inserts for securing the PCB and attaching to the Mac chassis. I've included several pics of the mount installed in my Classic II. I could produce and ship them for about $20. Any interest? They really work well and look great! Rick
  5. I need help with creating HFS volume on the SD card. I bought SCSI2SD to replace dead quantum hard disk in my Mac Color Classic. I used this guide to set up SCSI2SD, but I wasn't able to follow it to the end because I have Windows, but I managed to put Lido on a diskette and when I ran the program on the Mac it displayed error saying: "unable to determine size of the volume" (or something along those lines). My setup is SCSI2SD v5 and 16GB micro SD card, you can see my configuration in the attached files.
  6. The quantum hard disk in my color classic died, so I bought a SCSI2SD and was reading some information about it on codesrc.com and there was written that SCSI2SD needs to run on 5V or else the board would break.
  7. Just as the topic asks, has anyone tried using a rounded scsi cable for their SCSI2SD or even just normal internal scsi hdd? I don't love the idea of twisting the flat cable to orientate it correctly in my SE/30. I remember in the past buying roudned IDE cables but I'm having trouble finding SCSI. Any thought or advice?
  8. I recently got a SCSI2SD V5.1 and have been having trouble setting it up with my Macintosh Plus. I have it setup to emulate a single 1 GB Seagate drive and am trying to use Lido 7 (booted off of floppy emu) to format the drive. I have already edited the 3 special setting for the Macintosh Plus in the util.exe program. When everything is booted up it doesn’t even realize there’s a SCSI device connected. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Here's an update to a previous thread of mine in relation to getting a SCSI2SD booting with the Plus. The Plus is notorious for having a flaky/early version of scsi that doesn't work as expected and as far as I can tell there is no other reports of it working with the SCSI2SD. So my previous attempts to make a bootable SCSI2SD drive with codesrc's tutorial (found here) on the Plus resulted in weird behaviour (clicking noises, resets etc). I found out through setting up the SCSI2SD as if it was a HD 20 (see this comment) and using an earlier unmodified version of the HD SC Setup (
  10. To All: Hi, I'm Gerry. I'm new here because I come from the Apple II world. I belong (for some 30 years) to the still active OAC (Original Apple Corps) Users Group here in Santa Monica Ca. With much of the group we discuss Macs since that's what people want help with but we also talk about Apple IIs and PCs. I have a couple of Apple IIgs-es, and recently an Apple IIe card for the classic LC series Mac. I bought an LC 475 and added 128 MBs of system RAM and upped the display RAM to 1 MB. So far everything works great. Then, in an effort to replace the noisy boot hard drive, I replace
  11. Have a IIcx with a SCSI2SD (v5) and a ROM-inator II. The Zip drive works just once after each power-up. Second boot seem to obstruct the SCSI2SD, leaving just the flashing-question-mark-disk on screen. Is this a termination problem? /k
  12. I have an LC 575 I'm trying to get an SCSI2SD working on. I don't have any other macs (on the net) to use to patch my Drive Setup so I can format any disk. Do you think any of you fine people could, and attach the resulting file to this forum? http://lowendmac.com/2007/format-any-hard-drive-for-older-macs-with-patched-apple-tools/
  13. I have a Centris 650 that I have been slowly refurbishing over the past few months (yes, that slowly), starting off by recapping all the electrolytics in the PSU, giving the PCB a thorough clean and getting it ready to add 64Mb of RAM, a NUBUS card and, most importantly, replacing the old, broken Quantum HDD with a SCSI2SD. I want to get the system up and running before adding the RAM and NUBUS card. I have been trawling the 68k forums and t'Interweb for an idiots guide (I'm not a complete idiot, but I like to find something that takes me through the process step by step so that I can foll
  14. Hello All, Having finally maxed out my Centris 650 (just awaiting the delivery of my final bank of 64Mb of RAM to top it out at a full 136Mb), I'm now turning my attention to my lovely little Mac Classic that was recently given to me by a friend who has had it since new. It is completely original, with a 40Mb Quantum HDD and came with the fully expanded RAM board, which is nice: my friend said that he never had a problem with it that required any maintenance or repair, and he has had it under a dust cover in his office since 1991. As with all my retro computer rebuilds (I also have a c
  15. Hi all! This is my first post to 68k... So here goes: I decided to create my own SCSI2SD bracket, simply because I couldn't find any other brackets for the smaller V5.0a board. I used a 3.5" desktop hard drive as my inspiration, and with some refinements, I think this bracket is a good, one-piece design. My goal was to make improvements, and once satisfied, offer it for sale. But, I think there are a couple of issues. First, I am no 3D modeler nor engineer and the learning curve with modeling software is a little steep for someone like me who does very little of it. Second, I think the
  16. Hello, I have an SE, and I'd like to replace the internal hard drive with the SCSI2SD. Since I am new to this process, what's the best way to set it up? Can I just plug it in and format the card with a disk tools disk, or do I need to do more than that? Please advise, thank you.
  17. So the new SCSI2SD v5.0 is out and available. The new PCB now fits within the footprint of a traditional 2.5" notebook drive and claims the ability to be powered via TERM power alone. Thinking out loud, how hard would it be to build an adapter PCB to mount this new unit into 68k SCSI Powerbooks? The only thing I'm wondering is if the TERM power input on the SCSI2SD will accept +5v directly or if a diode is needed. This would save having to wire up the power plug on the SCSI2SD card and lower cost/complexity of the adapter. Powerbooks don't provide termination power on the internal connector ac
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