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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm SirAzazel and i'm new to the 68kmla community. I've always had interest in retro computing and consoles, but in the last year I've grown interest in vintage Apple technology, and bought for very cheap and fully recapped the logic board of an eMac to fix constant freezes of the machine, got for free a Quicksilver, G5 2Ghz DP and a Cinema Display, cleaned them, and repaired the Quicksilver video card. When I was younger I was given this fully functional SE FDHD, and somewhere between 2016-2017 the Maxell battery exploded. I cleaned as best as I could the motherboard, but i di
  2. I finished recapping the comms board in my LW Pro 630 and now it is working once again! I still need to replace the caps on the DC controller board but at least it is working now that the communication board is resurrected. As soon as my next shipment from DigiKey comes in, I'll get the two caps on DC controller swapped out and she should be like a new printer. I have connected the MiniDin-8 to my Apple IIgs, and the ethertalk to the network. I configured ethertalk to my Raspberry Pi running A2SERVER and then shared it via CUPS to all of the modern computers in the house. The compu
  3. Dear members I recently acquired an SE/30, a long time I've been trying to get a hold of one. There are a lot of issues with it and the logic board is a huge problem but I want to start with what I can potentially do on my own. So, this machine has been opened up a number of times. The internals certainly suggest this. My question I would like to restore this machine to as original a state as I can and for me that means the internals. Has anyone gone about restoring the innards and potentially figured out which paint to use? Spray paint I guess but rather than referring me to amaz
  4. Hello I thought I would come here to ask as most of you are surely more learned than I am. I have taken apart a Color Classic and would like to do a complete cleanup. I have properly discharged the CRT and the machine is in pieces right now. For now, I would I have some basic questions. Should I recap the analog board? Never done it but I have soldered in the past. Is it safe to clean the CRT and potentially the analog board. I have a can of air but potentially I was thinking of using Isopropyl Alcohol and a q-tip. Maybe the folks on this forum can understand how partic
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