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Found 3 results

  1. In an effort to keep this all together, and start with a much more organized topic, here it is: Compact Desktop Power Supply Capacitor Lists (by make and model) The models tagged, the IIci, IIcx, IIvi, IIvx, Performa 600, Quadra/Centris 650 and Quadra 700 all use the same form-factor PSU, only with varying max output as well as encompassing a number of manufacturers and models. @Franklinstein gave me the idea to create a topic dedicated to re-capping those power supplies and a central list/collection for each make/model that's been used. This is not meant to downplay ATX modi
  2. Hi, I'm having some problems with a Quadra 700. The Mac only (now) boots when the power to the HDD is disconnected, and goes straight into the flashing floppy screen. When the HDD power is connected, the Mac does not boot at all - just a clicking sound comes from the machine. The PSU fan tries to spin too. I assume this is some sort of problem with the power supply - possibly not being able to supply enough power? Weirdly the whole machine was working fine yesterday, although it hadn't been booted in a long while before that. Is there something I can do to fix this? Has anyone
  3. Hello guys, I need a little bit of help with finding a red HDD LED for some of my Quadras 700. It looks like it should be the same as the green power LED, but I am not really into hit and miss purchases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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