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Found 10 results

  1. I recently found a guide for ADB to M0100 mouse conversion [Japanese]. Here’s its schematic for the ADB Mouse II: Translations: A, Bはどちらでも可: Either A/B is OK [orientation on the mouse switch doesn’t matter] 基板上のJA, JBピンをはずす: Remove pins JA and JB from the original board [these are for the mouse switch, which you connect separately] コネクタ端面: facing connector end [but I assume the pin numbering is a better guide] Above the image, it notes that the red circles are direct connections, but the corresponding white circles are equivalent and easier for solde
  2. There were two variants of the ADB G5431 Mouse as shown in the photo below: The left is the original and the right is a newer version. Not only is the color of the ball different but the size as well. QUESTION: Which of the two is considered better overall (rolling performance, accuracy, durability, etc)?
  3. I recently picked up an Apple IIgs. Everything is working except the mouse. I even tried using the ADB-USB Wombat (which allows you to connect USB mouse and keyboards to an older Apple computer). And the usb mouse did not work either. The ADB keyboard works fine. The USB keyboard works fine (when hooked up with the ADB-USB) I checked in the IIGS Control Panel (loading during startup of the Apple) and the Slot 4 is set to Mouse (was told it needed to be that way). The motherboard is super clean, and the battery is not exploded, its actually working and has todays date on it
  4. I have two Mac Pluses and two M0100 mice. Mac plus #1 works flawlessly in every way (it has a Radius 16 and 68882 and voltages look great). But it has one weird quirk - 100% of the time I plug in Mouse A while it’s running, it spontaneously reboots (obviously I don’t need to do this ever in practice, but it worries me that it happens). Mac plus #2 never does this, and it never happens with Mouse B on either Mac. I thought this might mean I have a low-grade analog board problem to fix eventually with Mac plus #1, but today I decided to pop open my mice. Mouse #1 was ma
  5. Hi, Am working on a long term restoration project of a Lisa 2/5. This is my first attempt at restoring a Lisa and I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have multiple copies of each board and a configuration of boards that work (except for some video adjustments I need to do to the CRT). I have one motherboard which works well EXCEPT does not register the mouse button as being pressed. The mouse pointer moves fine. When you press the button, no action on screen. The mouse itself is fine and works perfect on a 128K Mac. The mouse also works perfect when the motherboard
  6. I recently acquired an Apple Desktop Mouse II to use with my Powerbook 540c. While the tracking speed with the built-in track pad is fine, the tracking speed with the mouse, even at the highest setting, is painfully slow. I've opened up and cleaned out the mouse innards as best I can and wiped down the mouse ball with rubbing alcohol with little effect. Any advice?
  7. I am looking for a macintosh plus keyboard and mouse. Don’t care about looks just care if they work. I would prefer to get them in one deal but I am happy to buy them individually.
  8. I'm currently in Pennsylvania right now, and I came across something very worthwhile - I went to a vintage computer store today, but I only got an ADB low-power mouse there. Even though there were Macintosh IIs and Apple II Pluses as far as the eye could see, they weren't in good shape and they were kind of pricey. But that's only a taste of what happened. On our way back to the house, we stopped by an antique store we usually visit on these trips to the state, and I found...(drumroll, please) a boxed Apple IIe, with hardware enhancements, a good supply of cards inside, an Apple IIc mouse, an
  9. I just got a PowerMac G4 (Yikes!) yesterday and I've been busy setting it up with Mac OS 8.6. The problem I'm having is that my Logitech mouse isn't being used to its full potential. The right click functions the same as the left click and the scroll wheel doesn't work at all. I remember years ago I was using a Logitech mouse with an original iMac and everything worked as expected. I think I had to download some software from the Internet for it to work though. Today I can't find that software and I'm getting really frustrated. Does anyone have the software I'm looking for? I've s
  10. Hey, You guys may know​ whats wrong. 2 of my macs (Macintosh plus and Macinotsh Classic II) have an issue saving changes to the sound and mouse settings. the mac plus is running System 6 and Class II is running System 7 and both have the same issue. No matter how much I adjust the mouse or the volume shut the computer down and upon the next boot up its defaults back to the original setting. whats the deal? My macintosh SE with system 6 has no such issue. ive tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas.... well I ve reainstalled the os and still same thing.
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