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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, this is a guide to my personal modifications to the Apple PowerMac G5 Quad rev.2 "dual-pump Delphi", pictured above. I will do my best to be thorough in my descriptions. Sadly I do not have pictures of my process in this version of the guide but I will be repeating this mod on another machine at some point in the next year or so in order to document the process properly and make a better-illustrated guide. In short, my mod involves removing the original DDC pump tops and replacing them with third-party blocks with multiple ports. This facilitates far easier draining and re
  2. So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests (that actually made it worse) I finally gave up and went for a SCSI2SD with an adapter. As a keep-it-original hooligan, the main drawback here was not only that the lack of noise from the hard drive felt strange, unexpectedly quiet, but that it made you feel other noises that normally would
  3. Hi. My friend has just bought the SE. I know it has 1 hardware channel of sound, 22khz. Still, it has a pretty fast Motorola CPU, so the software-mixing is more than doable. Hence my question - is there any Amiga *.mod player for the stock Mac SE? Regards, J8 PS: I don't suppose there would be also a music editor for mod-making on SE...?
  4. Does anyone know the pinout of the mac plus logic board to analog board cable? I was wondering if it used black and white composite video.
  5. Just a post to show the completion of my Mac CC trilogy. The three CCs are now complete, one with a Presto Plus dual booting 7.6 and 8.1, a second with an LC520 logic board, and now a third (pictured here) that I can use every day for 21st century applications. The die hard collectors on this forum will not approve, I'm sure. But I've had this empty CC case for over ten years and originally intended to mod it with a mini-ITX board running Win XP (truly blaspehmous, I know). I even bought an ADB to USB adapter back then, which I've since lost. Hence the newer keyboard and mighty mouse in the p
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