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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I have a bunch of Sony MFD-51W 800k floppy drives that I'd like to put back into my Mac Plus computers so that I can sell them. Fortunately, I was able to get all their eject mechanisms working properly, thanks to James Wages' terrific instructions! But many of the drives have the same issue: Their heads do not move from the zero position to attempt to read the disk. I have only one drive connected to the computer at a time. If a drive works, the computer boots just fine and everything is great! But these drives in which the heads don't move from
  2. Anyone know about Sony 800k floppy drives? I've been learning a lot about them lately as I attempt to get a couple of MacPlus computers ready to sell. I watched a few YouTube videos (especially those from @JDW, which are pretty amazing!), and learned a LOT about what I need to do with these drives to get them working again. I thought I had it all figured out, what with disassembling the drives and lubricating them, replacing that one gear in the eject mechanism and so forth. But a few of the drives just simply would not read. That is, the head assembly stayed at the zero point even wit
  3. Here is what you can expect, Video Chapters 0:00 — Intro 2:19 — Capacitor Locations 4:41 — Capacitor Replacement 14:18 — Microscope view 18:55 — Lifting head for cleaning 21:13 — Protective yellow plastic disk 22:37 — Metal Mounting Bracket 24:31 — Ribbon Cable Types (stripe color) 26:20 — Disk Ejection Woe 26:57 — Cleaning & Lube 30:11 — Sliding smooth with KURE 5-56 (WD-40) 34:22 — Plastic Gearbox Disassembly 37:43 — Gear that usually breaks 40:31 — Microscope view of Gears 47:06 — Head Assembly Removal for lubrication 52:02 — SuperLube Grease & Oil
  4. As many of you know, there is a small eject gear in 800k floppy drives which often breaks, and I've seen some replacements sold on EBAY. The only auction I could find with a reasonable price for the gear and reasonable international shipping (to Japan, in my case) is this: PMMA plastic in mold: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-1x-GEAR-for-800K-or-2M-SONY-FLOPPY-DRIVE-MP-F51W-MP-F75W/333463751453?hash=item4da3fd0b1d:g:1ucAAOSwhQhY0iTg Here is an auction with a reasonable product price but which sadly doesn't ship outside Australia, and no plastic material i
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