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Found 4 results

  1. So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests (that actually made it worse) I finally gave up and went for a SCSI2SD with an adapter. As a keep-it-original hooligan, the main drawback here was not only that the lack of noise from the hard drive felt strange, unexpectedly quiet, but that it made you feel other noises that normally would
  2. Hello all, The last few weeks i've been studying the various repair threads of the forum in order to get my own portable running. I'd like to thank everyone here on this forum for providing such a treasure trove of knowledge. Thanks to all that, i now have a working portable. So this is more of a show and tell and thanks post then a help wanted one. I found this post my mc128k: power regulation to be very usefull in diagnosing what was wrong. Also Techknights replies to various posts were a great help. I got the Mac Portable M5120 with a backlit display, ram
  3. Hello Folks ! recently acquire a Macintosh Portable M5120 non backlit , as usual washed and cleaned motherboard , recapped with new capacitors , cleaned as if there no tomorrow hybrid but on start up Portable start immediately with sad icon , distorted video and stripes (see video) the "intermittent start and stop on video at first is due to the fact that power supply was not connected and battery was low ,Portable normally start up with sad icon ( 2 distorted ) and stripes , hard drive spins but nothing else . Maybe Techknight can "unlock " the secret thank you
  4. I just got a Macintosh Portable in the mail today, and I was told it boots to a floppy disk screen. Turns out, that wasn't true. It doesn't even boot at all. The startup is very erratic, sometimes doing one thing and other times doing another. It will sometimes: - Boot to the mouse cursor, but then the screen flashes and glitches. - Boot to the zebra stripes, but become caught in an endless loop of booting. - Boot to the zebra stripes, but then display a Sad Mac with error code 00000012 0000CD36. A little while after that happens, the screen begins to flash and glitch while the flopp
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