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Found 4 results

  1. Dear all, I'm recapping the non working PSU of a LCIII. I checked the optocoupler[1] by testing pins 1,2 which correctly shows a diode. But the 4, 5, 6 does not show a NPN transistor, so I assume it's bad. I'm not able to find it or any equivalent PS2561-1/PS2501-1, NTE3041. (I am waiting for the new capacitors, so I can not test the PSU with the original PN111) Can some electronic expert advice on what can I use? thanks so much [1] https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/43321/SHARP/PC111L.html
  2. Well, no sooner than my 540's power supply went caput, I now discovered that my LC III won't startup either, and instead just clicks. Apparently this is a pretty common issue, and I guess it can sometimes be resolved temporarily by applying hot air to the affected area? Grumble frumble...
  3. Sorry for bad photos. LC III was in storage for about 15 years, and yes it had the darned Maxell battery installed, which went bad and sprayed all the toxic guts out some time ago.The corrosion was even worse, but I managed to clean it about 70% off the board. The case is also corroded, but nothing serious. Still the brown stuff remains (it won't go off easily) and some traces are eaten off. Is the board fixable? What do you think?
  4. Hi all I need to get a new PSU for my Performa 475 (or, at least, I suspect that I do). I have an LCIII. Are the PSUs between the two interchangeable? The values written on them are a little different but, from what I have read, it seems that the LCIII PSU will work in the P475. I would like to test the P475 PSU in the LCIII. Is this a bad idea? How about the LCIII PSU in the P475 until I can order one from uniserver? Thanks for your help aa
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