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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have have a couple old school Macs that I tinker with from time to time. My favorite is my LC520 that I bought new and later upgraded with a LC575 motherboard and a PPC upgrade card. I break it out from time to time, but don't really have space in my office to keep it out permanently. So I decided I'd pick up a LC475 that wouldn't take up quite as much space. I found one that looked to be a bit of a bargain and was told it chimed at startup but couldn't be tested without an adapter for the video. I decided to take a chance on it, but it turns out it does chime at boot
  2. Hi everyone, I have a recapped and ultrasonic cleaned LC475 that will work just fine with no RAM stick installed, but when one is, it'll do the death chime. Info: Board was not tested before recap, has no PRAM battery (a 10-pack is on the way though), I have been using the turn on, quickly turn off and back on again method to get it working with no battery.
  3. Just got hold of the following in full working order: IIfx with Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 IIsi LC475 Laserwriter 320 HP Deskjet 550c with AppleTalk Stylewriter Apple CD300 2 x Mac Video adapters 8/32 RevB 2 x Macintosh II adapters 2 Apple Color Monitors 1 Apple LC monitor working on compiling configurations. Attached a couple of pics of the IIfx...more to follow
  4. Dear people, Two years ago i've bought a clean and nice second hand LC 475. Since a year i just tried to boot it up and it made a terrifiying ticking noise. To me it sounded like a somehow wrong electricity flow. Last time I booted it up every thing was just working fine. I stored the computer under my desk (climated controlled room) in a box. I have never changed someting on the inside. Thanks for reading and please help. Cheers from the Netherlands, Levi
  5. Hi all I need to get a new PSU for my Performa 475 (or, at least, I suspect that I do). I have an LCIII. Are the PSUs between the two interchangeable? The values written on them are a little different but, from what I have read, it seems that the LCIII PSU will work in the P475. I would like to test the P475 PSU in the LCIII. Is this a bad idea? How about the LCIII PSU in the P475 until I can order one from uniserver? Thanks for your help aa
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