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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I have recently acquired a PDS to NuBus adapter (Apple part 820-0305-01) for my Mac IIsi. With the Nubus adapter successfully installed, I’m looking for an Ethernet card. Are regular NuBus Ethernet cards compatible, or are there any special requirements for a IIsi? For example, the Asante MacCon3 NB seems to be relatively common, but doesn’t list IIsi as compatible on the box. I’m hoping this is just because a PDS to NuBus adapter is required. Assuming the MacCon3 NB is compatible, is any driver required for System 6 or 7? My understanding is the
  2. In the on-going saga of my IIsi refurb, I picked up a new-in-box, still-in-shrink-wrap Asante MacCon MCiNB-10T. It's plugged into the IIsi's Nubus adapter card. No matter what I do, I can't get the link light on the switch to light up. I've tried every switch, new and old. I've tried going directly into other machines where I've set the physical format to 10baseT. Nothing. As for the card, it's green light blinks all the time. It's yellow light will very rarely occasionally blink. I feel like I've got all the software ends chased down. I'm running System 7.5
  3. Hi all, been a while since I last posted here, about the same time I tried to use my IIsi(s)... so dug them out but neither of them would power on. I would get a brief click, fan and light then they would power off again. Tried replacing the fuses, which might have done more harm than good since the guy sold me slow fuses by mistake which I stupidly tested anyway. after getting the right fuses they blew straight away. so did some continuity testing and found at least a couple of the zener diodes are allowing current in both directions
  4. Hi there, it's my first post! Some time ago, the PSU in my IIsi suddenly turned itself off while running. Recently I opened it up to try and fix it and found 4 leaked caps on the secondary stage. The electrolyte had corroded through the legs and affected the solder mask and some pins on the bottom side. No unrepairable damage though. Cleaned the mess off, resoldered the oxidized wires and replaced the bad caps. Then tested the bare PCB on my desk with a fog light as load on the +5. It worked absolutely fine again: briefly touching /PFW to PSTRICL turned it on, touching /PFW to GND turned it
  5. Earlier today I won an auction for a Daystar Turbo 601 66mhz and I unfortunately don't have a IIci or supported model or the needed IIsi adapter to run it in my IIsi. Bolle mentioned in the Trading Post forum: I would definitely be interested in one of these if a batch were to be made. That drives a question...if one had the Turbo 601 and the needed IIsi adapter, could that not be run in a SE/30? I found several posts on the topic of getting the 601 running in SE/30 but it seems that this has not been achieved....
  6. It is with great shame and embarrassment that I submit this post. I was working to get my 2nd soft power transistor build and when I went to test, I forgot that the power supply was still plugged into the IIsi motherboard. When I flipped the power strip on there was a pop and then that smell... Here is the board: And here is what literally blew up: My walk of shame explaining this begins now. The board was on the bench and plugged in to the SeaSonic power supply with all wires except for pins 9 and 10 (+5v_SB)...these were floating freel
  7. ktkm

    IIsi saved!

    Hello! I saved (from Swedish fleamarket) an IIsi, AppleColor High-Res Display and AEK II for 50 SEK (approximately 5.45825 USD) yesterday. No leaking caps and a MacCon ethernet adapter installed. This is my first IIsi so all tips, tricks or ideas are very welcome! Cheers from a sunny Stockholm! /KTKM
  8. Hi All, I had Ebay seller AllMacs recap both my IIsi board and one of my SE/30 boards. I have bee using the board in the WtM configuration for a few days without issue. Prior to the recap I got this scary image on screen and decided it was time to get on with the recap... Here is a shot of the board before the work: And here is after: And some shots of this work, "As you can see the trace on this pad was making no connection, due to corrosion . I fixed the damage with a new pad and reconnected it"
  9. Hi All, Over the holiday weekend I was able to pull out my IIsi motherboard and of my SE/30s to be recapped. Both need their power supplies addressed. The IIsi is pretty maxed out in terms of what I run it it so I am interested to see if an ATX has been hacked into the IIsi. I have seen ATX going in SE/30 PSUs however they are slightly larger. Anyone done ATX with a IIsi? THx!! ~Von
  10. Conquests seemed the best fit for this post so here goes... About 2007 when I started my vintage Mac collection with my first SE/30, I needed a way to get files fetched from the interwebs to the Mac form a PC-based home office . I found my way to using Netatalk on Mandrake then later on Mandriva Linux distros. Netatelk provided the ability for Mac running Systems 6-9 to connect to the PC running Linux. It is similar to Services for Macintosh available in Windows Servers all the way back to NT Server 3.51. The vintage Macs went into storage as family and house projects t
  11. WTM = wafer thin mint...if anything else is added, it may explode. OK, I had this setup running several years back but never documented it...so here it is: In this configuration I get 1024 x 768 at 256 colors. If I change to the Apple 13" monitor colors increase to "Millions" but resolution drops to 640 x 480. I prefer the former. Above is System 7.1 and it runs fine on 7.0.1. 7.5.5 shown below: Chooser is showing my 3 networked Lubuntu servers, one of which is a VMware Fusion VM running on the MacBook Pro I am authoring this post on. Th
  12. Hi All, I am about to start in on several vintage Mac projects and one of those is my IIsi. I had it using a generic 15" LCD display with a VGA adapter. This setup worked fine on both native video as well as video card I could run out of the PDS slot (I think it is a Video Spigot). In my collection exists a 15" Apple Cinema Display that uses the proprietary ADC connection. On eBay are several Apple DVI to ADC adapters...I'd need one of those to start. That would get power to the monitor and the video signal to DVI. I then need to get that signal to the IIsi. There are DVI to V
  13. Recently got a IIsi and finally cracked it open to find this lovely and strange card, there is no marker of what model it is. I am thinking dual PDS adapter similar to the SuperMac one that shipped with Spigots. Anyone have more info?
  14. Just got hold of the following in full working order: IIfx with Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 IIsi LC475 Laserwriter 320 HP Deskjet 550c with AppleTalk Stylewriter Apple CD300 2 x Mac Video adapters 8/32 RevB 2 x Macintosh II adapters 2 Apple Color Monitors 1 Apple LC monitor working on compiling configurations. Attached a couple of pics of the IIfx...more to follow
  15. Hey all, I know our friends over at BMOW have their rom module for sale at 2mb and there's one on ebay thats 1mb, but I have a design in progress for a 8MB (ish) simm that would allow for the installation for bigger ramdisks and the like. Throwing out a feeler here, anyone interested? OW ill probably just fab up some boards for my own use. (oh and buy BMOW's programmer because finding 72 simm slots is impossible )
  16. Are AAUI transceivers interchangeable between brands, both the cards and transceivers? The reason I am asking, I have a combination video and Ethernet card for the IIsi that has an AAUI port. I have an Apple branded transceiver that works great with my Quadra 700. But when I use it with that combo card on my IIsi, it doesn't light up at all. The combo card has an Asante branded Ethernet portion, so will I need an Asante AAUI transceiver? Or is something hosed with the Ethernet portion of the combo card? TattleTech does see both the video and the Ethernet portions of the combo card.
  17. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I have a collection of about 35 machines and with my brother we're planning an exibition in my kid's school for the sience week. I've been away from my loved machines for a while, since life with small kids demands a lot of my free time.... Ok. So I went back to the shelves I've started turning on some machines among then my "pet" a IIsi. Din't power on. So. Open the lid and found the battery leaked. I cleaned the acid with alcohol, but don't know what else can be wrong. The oscilator's metal cover have rusted since the last time I recall. Perhaps I can
  18. It's Alive! Well, not exactly, but it was successful. Washed the board, dried it with my heated air pencil, and did each capacitor one at a time. GOD WHAT A HEADACHE! Took 2 hours! But in checking and rechecking, I found no rotted traces. NONE! What Luck! I did find that several caps were glued to the board, making the cap removal that much more harder. But there was a problem - the black caps I use were slightly larger than the space the old caps allowed! So there was some trouble soldering each cap, so after each cap, I checked each one with a multimeter to make sure it connected to
  19. Just finished a recap on the other Mac IIsi I have. Almost there but not quite. Power supply turned on and clicked for a while. Eventually the PSU got it little's head straight and finally gave me a "Bong!" Followed by the chimes of death. I'm going to recheck the recapping job and see if anything is shorted out. But at the same time, this is an iffy PSU and the other PSU is dead as a door nail. Mind you, before these two Mac IIsi's did not even turn on before. The PSU would click several times and then become quiet and that's it. Nothing, nada, DOA. I have a lot of questio
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