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Found 17 results

  1. Phew! OK, so, I kinda spilled the beans when I asked for help, but ... well, I had to ask for help. So I want to thank @360alaska! Not sure if I can thank him enough! He just happened to be in Texas, and just happened to be about an hour from Houston. Also, the U.S. just also happened to have one of the worst freak snow storms & power outages. But he pulled through and was able to ship it out before having to head back to Alaska. I also want to thank, of course, the NASA engineer who I'd been in contact for nearly a year trying to work out how to get it out to California
  2. Hi All, Long ago when I was seeking a 32-bit clean ROM for one of my SE/30's I grabbed an entire IIfx board with ROM attached. This board has sat in storage and now that I have some skills with the SeaSonic PS, I was thinking of trying to get the board running on the bench sans its case that I do not have. I am assuming that this is doable? Now to the board... Here is its ROM slot with appendage: All of the chips have passive heat sinks on them. The 030 on the left does not as I borrowed the 030 when I sent one of my SE/30 boards
  3. Hi I bought a non-working Mac IIfx from eBay. There was a battery leak damage to the motherboard. Some components near the start up circuit were missing and many traces and vias damaged. The SRAM at UD16 had a couple of pins corroded away as well. Not surprisingly, initially it didn't boot at all. I cleaned the motherboard in alcohol (I soaked the board in it) and replaced missing components. Replaced the leaky caps. And I replaced the SRAM with a NOS from eBay (The board had M5M5256BFP but I replaced it with equivalent HM62256LFP, which is actually the chip on th
  4. I'm going through my stash and I'm coming across more stuff. I bought 4x 64-pin SIMMs from a fellow in Germany who suspected that they were for a IIfx. The NTX part of the label indicates that these are intended for the LaserWriter IINTX. I'm guessing that the 70L part at the end of the second line indicates that it is 70ns RAM. I haven't found much online about this particular RAM, or even about the differences between IIfx RAM and IINTX RAM. I seem to remember reading somewhere that IINTX SIMMS can't be used in a IIfx. There is a link to a thread
  5. I scored four NuBus cards in an IIfx, and one of them was the Thunder IV GX 1360! The IIfx was sold as untested, and still, it works like a charm, even with the original 160 MB Seagate! Thank you @Bolle for helping me out identifying the cards!
  6. I bought an IIfx yesterday, probably none-working since the ad stated untested. What caught my interest was the Nubus cards, in this case, four of them. So far I have roughly identified three of them, I think, as one Ultra-wide SCSI controller card and two graphics card, but the fourth one was tricky for me. In my haste, I thought it was a Rocket because of the onboard sim slots and lack of output in the back. What could it be? I have yet to receive the parcel. Thanks!
  7. I purchased this lot just because it was a working IIfx which I've wanted for a while but they don't float by often enough. Turns out this included a second dead IIfx from a PRAM battery explosion. I was not prepared for how large the also-included SuperMac 19" Trinitron was, but I should have known better with how well it fits above the massive Mac II series I'll attempt to repair that one as well as generally re-cap both boards. Both machines included a SuperMac video card (different models) and a third SuperMac video card was included New-in-Box It came
  8. HI All, I won an auction for a IIfx earlier this year and I have these threads going on its motherboard & PS which have now taken back seat to its case. The auction (which I was not expecting to win) pictures only hinted at its internal mess: I removed the internal tins and they were a delight... So after a bit of scrubbing with a wire brush and steel wool during retrobright sessions on the plastic, these are looking a bit better: I still have a bit more to d
  9. Hi All, The IIfx is in queue and I am trying to find out if my power supply is putting out proper voltage. I have one board that will start the PS and when I test it I get: 5 Reds: 5.13 1 Yellow: 12.14 1 Blue: -12.11 1 White: 4.23 Is anything off here? THx!
  10. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Years ago I got this board for the IIfx ROM in one of my SE/30's. It was only the board and I didn't know if it worked. I'll refer to this as Board 1. I wanted get this running so I bought a complete non-working IIfx earlier this year...this is Board 2. Board 2 came with: - 8 sticks of RAM that appear to be the same however I don't know how big each stick is - a NuBus video card that works when tested in my IIci - its speaker works when tested in my IIci - it has a broken battery tray on o
  11. I just got my hands on a new IIfx upgrade board (not the one that just sold on eBay for 600, I actually lost that) from an old Apple dev I met on Facebook. The thing was pristine but of course I recapped it to eliminate variables, and after getting all the parts together it's not booting. Instead what happens is the power supply comes to life, and the two floppy drives start firing off like crazy and chirp wildly for a second. There's no boot chime or death march chord, and the speaker/psu/drives all worked fine when this was still just a IIx. Any suggestions? I'm getting desperate
  12. Just got hold of the following in full working order: IIfx with Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 IIsi LC475 Laserwriter 320 HP Deskjet 550c with AppleTalk Stylewriter Apple CD300 2 x Mac Video adapters 8/32 RevB 2 x Macintosh II adapters 2 Apple Color Monitors 1 Apple LC monitor working on compiling configurations. Attached a couple of pics of the IIfx...more to follow
  13. From the album: Macintosh IIfx

    Installing System 7 via the BMOW Floppy Emu! So nice.
  14. From the album: Macintosh IIfx

    This is the reverse of the "special" black IIfx SCSI terminator.
  15. From the album: Macintosh IIfx

    This is the obverse of the "special" black IIfx SCSI terminator.
  16. So, I manage to snag an illusive 'Wicked Fast' Macintosh IIfx on eBay... While getting a Mac IIfx was great, of more interest was finding out what was inside this beast - eBay shared this glimpse of what was inside... Getting my hands on it at last and opening it up, I found that all 6 nubus slots were full: Time to find out what was in this lucky door prize... Now, working through these... 1st card: Radius Video card of some sort? 2nd card: Apple PC Drive Card with 50pin interface- what does this do??? 3rd card: Macintosh Display card - a 'Toby' video u
  17. Where can I start? I opened up my Mac II. Hard drive is missing - check. 1 floppy drive - check. Does not turn on - expected. So what's left? Further inspection, pull out the magnifying glass! MC68030RC40? Huh? MC 688852-40? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! (The board is layered with dust, remove cards, wipe off dust) Apple IIfx stenciled in yellow ink on the board! Now this is confusing. I know I have a IIfx, but its in its own IIfx case. This case says Macintosh II. (*Flips over to see bottom*) Bottom label seems thicker than normal, in fact it is on top of another label, just a
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