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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, So I would like to be able to burn CDs from my iBook G3 dual USB with Firewire 400 port running OS 9.2.2. Will any Firewire 400 drive work or will only specific ones work? Thanks
  2. Friends, I’ve ignored the hobby for a while, spending my energies lately looking for a new job and basking in newly wedded bliss. The funny thing is that the hobby will not be ignored... The 17-inch 800MHz iMac was “obtained” from the e-waste recycling area at the dump. It works perfectly, and has a fresh coat of OS X 10.4 installed. Amazingly, the previous owner made absolutely no effort to delete their files, so I did it for them. My friend had been threatening to give me her iBook SE for about two years, and although it cost dinner, I finally have it. The machin
  3. Hello, Most of my PPCs have good uses. All except my mini G4 (and I have a thread on it on the PPC Desktops forum) and my two iBook G3s. I have a 500MHz G3 Snow and a 333MHz G3 Clamshell. For owners of this laptop: do you have any uses? I hate to see a good PPC go to waste and I'm wondering what I could use these machines for. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Henry
  4. Hello, I am new on this forum so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Anyway, I have (or had, and will soon) OS X 10.3 Panther installed on my G3 366MHz Clamshell. I find it to be much faster than Tiger. So, are there any good web browser options? I'm OK with something a little bit outdated, all I need to do is look up information and news 90% of the time. But not something ridiculously outdated either, because I'd like it to works decently with most websites with out displaying the page all wrong and out of place. I know speed is going to be terrible no matter what option I
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