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  1. Hello, I have recently acquired a PDS to NuBus adapter (Apple part 820-0305-01) for my Mac IIsi. With the Nubus adapter successfully installed, I’m looking for an Ethernet card. Are regular NuBus Ethernet cards compatible, or are there any special requirements for a IIsi? For example, the Asante MacCon3 NB seems to be relatively common, but doesn’t list IIsi as compatible on the box. I’m hoping this is just because a PDS to NuBus adapter is required. Assuming the MacCon3 NB is compatible, is any driver required for System 6 or 7? My understanding is the
  2. TL;DR: I am trying to set up Ethernet file transfer from a IIci with a Nubus Ethernet card to a modern PC with an Intel onboard Ethernet chipset. Diagnostics on the Mac claim all is well, but I am unable to ping or communicate in any way with my PC or any other network devices. Hoping the hive mind can help. I have a mysterious Nubus Ethernet card that came with my IIci (no manufacturer printed on the card, only model number BD-025; manufacturer "A-Series" in Tattle Tech, model listed as "Ethernet A-Series"). I believe the manufacturer to be Sonic Systems (there is one reference on
  3. Since I have two machines with an AAUI port (an LC-III with the Apple Ethernet PDS card, and a Quadra 650), and only one AAUI-RJ45 adapter, I spent some time checking all that, and I think it's possible to make a cheap adapter cable to use regular AUI attachments, which are less rare, and so likely less expensive (there are even some on aliexpress at 10€ now). While it'd be possible to design a new transceiver from scratch, it's much more complex and requires creating a PCB. On the other hand, a cable with the proper plugs only requires a step-up converter to get the 12V from the 5
  4. Hi All, I inherited a Mac SE/30 with an Dayna Ethernet card included. The card isn't working and when I had a look over the board I noticed one of the components (a capacitor) had failed per the attached picture. It looks to be called C3. I'd like to get this board going again and just wondering of anyone had the same board and knew the value of C3? The model looks to be a Daynaport E/30 if that helps at all? Thanks Sonny
  5. Hello everyone ! I had been looking to connect my SE/30 to the internet but I struggled to find PDS boards that would fit in it, and all SCSI to Ethernet boxes that I found were missing floppies with drivers. Moreover most of this stuff was in the US so shipping would be really expensive. Then I found about scuznet, a modern design by @saybur. It was really interesting because it was made to work with an unpatched Nuvotech driver. But there was a few things I did want to change/improve to the design, including the fact that it would be really cool to be able to upgrade the firmware
  6. I created an item on the internet archive for all 2000, 2100, and eMate fans. https://archive.org/details/newton_ethernet_drivers Includes the Hirochi Noguchi shareware (now freeware) LucentWaveLAN.pkg and related open source software. Enjoy.
  7. Hello all, When I bought my Centris 650 a few months back, I also bought an AAUI adapter so I could hook it up to the internet as well as transfer files with my OS 9 machines if I needed to do that. The adpater, which was NIB when I got it, worked fine for a while, but I think there must be a short in the cable that runs from the box to the Mac because the last time I used it I had to bend the adapter's cable and position the box a certain way otherwise I wouldn't get any signal. So I am now debating whether I should buy another adapter box or buy a Nubus card with an RJ45 port o
  8. Hi folks... I have a Color Classic Mystic. I am using a LC 575 with a full 68040 processor. I am running a CF2SCSI card for a hard drive. I can dual boot to 7.6.1 or to 8.1. I can surf the net when my CC is plugged into ethernet. Elsewhere on this form is a thread called something like "web sites your classic mac can still surf". The new home for my CC is in a room about 15 feet from my WIFi router. The job to run ethernet in this room would be massive. I was thinking about plugging a unit into the back of my ethernet port and converting the CC to WiFi. I
  9. Hi, Last week I (Dutchman, Amsterdam) bought a Macintosh IIfx from an German auction site. It came with a 'modern' ethernet card: 10/100 Mbit and RJ-45 connector, along with some other cards. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue where to get drivers. Asanté drivers won't work, has anyone got a clue where to obtain those? Due to the Radius Rocket 33, I hope these drivers will support System 7.1. Below some detailed photo's of the card and 2 with the card inside the Mac. The ethernet card is the 3rd from the left... Would it matter which slot it resides in? At first, I was
  10. Hi All, I have an Asante NuBus card discussed here that does not play nicely with the 2 D Link 10/100 hubs that I have. These hubs work fine with my Asante IIsi/SE/30 cards. To get the Nubus card recognized I need to short the pins on the card after boot sequence has started. The Nubus card works fine (w/o shorting the pins) when attached to an old Hawking Tech wifi router. I don't like this hardware as it has no way to disable its old wifi. While I could get a hub like this Netgear EN104TP I am wondering if this could be solved with the ethernet cable. All I have is C
  11. The first boards have arrived, and my board wizard friend Mark, who designed it, has assembled the first prototype! We’ll likely simplify the board further. No need for a socketed EPROM if we can program the firmware via the computer, for example, allowing us to use a smaller SMD EPROM. He is in London, Ontario and I’m in London, England, so once he has finished his initial tests he’ll send it over to me and I can get started on the driver.
  12. My Color Classic is repaired, and I have loaded 7.1 on it with Update 3. Now I want to install either MacTCP or OT and setup the ethernet. I have an Asante MCLC Twisted Pair card installed. When I plug in a cable, it lights up. I have tried unsuccessfully to get this working. First I installed the Asante Ethernet Installer 5.2.9, that installed MacTCP 1.1.1, but it would not connect to my LocalTalk network via EtherTalk after that installation. Serial LocalTalk works fine. I searched the net a bit and found a walkthrough for installing ethernet in an SE/30 running 7.0.1
  13. Hello, I've been trying to get the internal Ethernet card working on my PowerBook, It's a Farallon card that plugs directly into the motherboard. I previously had the driver for this and tested that it worked, but lost the system a while back when I wiped one of my drives. I've searched all over the internet and tried all of the drivers I've found but nothing has worked. Does anybody know where I can find the correct drivers? I have attached images of the card, and below are the drivers I've tried; Farallon EN Installer 2.2.2 PB1400 EN Installer 1.6 EtherLAN Installe
  14. I am having trouble getting my LC II to connect to the internet. I am trying to connect directly via ethernet using an Asante MCiLC network card. I've installed all relevant drivers, and I am using Internet Explorer 4.0.1. I am using System 7.5.5. When I connect my Ethernet cable directly from the LC II's network card to the router, the upper light on the network card blinks quickly. However, when i open up Internet Explorer 4.0.1, I get errors such as "Data transfer error (-28)" and "The website could not be found" for every website I type into the address bar. I have set my TCP/IP settings t
  15. I traded a Radius board for a Asante Maccon board for my SE/30 and now I need the drivers. I failed to find them through google. Anyone has them? Downloadable? /Mattis EDIT: Maybe I should have written diagnostics disk. So I could check that the card is found in the machine.
  16. I’m looking for a new power adapter for a 5-port Asanté FriendlyNet Ethernet hub (since I bought it without one). The hub states 5VDC but how many amps is the output? I have tried 1A but can’t get a stable network going between my PowerBook G3 (Pismo) and Mac IIcx (MacCon+). (They sometimes show up in the Chooser). The strange thing is, when I use port 5 for the Mac IIcx, next to the up-link port connected to my cbn router, I can connect to the Mac IIcx from the PowerBook, but when I try to connect from the Mac IIcx to the PowerBook the chooser crashes. Help really appreciated
  17. Are AAUI transceivers interchangeable between brands, both the cards and transceivers? The reason I am asking, I have a combination video and Ethernet card for the IIsi that has an AAUI port. I have an Apple branded transceiver that works great with my Quadra 700. But when I use it with that combo card on my IIsi, it doesn't light up at all. The combo card has an Asante branded Ethernet portion, so will I need an Asante AAUI transceiver? Or is something hosed with the Ethernet portion of the combo card? TattleTech does see both the video and the Ethernet portions of the combo card.
  18. Hello, I'm in desperate need of help. I've been working on this issue for about 40 hours now, and I can't solve it! The machine: OS: Mac OS X 10.2 - have also tried with 10.2.8 Beige G3 minitowerr - G3@400mhz - 768MB RAM - ATI Radeon 7000 - Trendnet TEG-PCITXR GigaBit Ethernet card with RTL8169SC chipset. No matter the struggle hour after hour I just can't seem to get Mac OS X 10.2 to recognize the Trendnet card (it works in Mac OS 9) Things i've tried: - Tried with the RTL8169 drivers from realteks website. There is both 10.2 and 10.3 drivers. - Tried with RTL811
  19. Have an SE/30 that I had added an Diimo 030 accelerator board and an Asante MacCon ethernet card added in series into the PDS slot. I had lost sound, so I sent the logic & analog boards off to uniserver to have them recapped. I DID NOT send the power supply for recapping. Once I got the logic/analog cards back, I put the machine back together, and re-installed the add-on cards. With both add on cards back in the machine, the accelerator card seemed to work, but the ethernet card did not, not even getting a link light on the daughtercard (next to the RJ45). I pulled them both out,
  20. I’ve bought the “#2 Asante MacCon-IIET Ethernet Network Card Mac Macintosh II 09-00100 NuBus” from eBay, without knowing if works I have no experience with this card but maybe some one here do? Really appreciated! BW, Kristian
  21. I have a Yikes! G4 that has two hard drives installed, one has OS 9.2 and the other has OS 8.6. I am using built in ethernet to access a small LAN via Appleshare in the Chooser. When I use the drive with OS 9.2 installed as the startup drive, I have no problems seeing all of the other classic OS computers on the network, and I can access their data. When I start up in OS 8.6, I can only see 1 other computer (which is running OS 9.2) and I can't access it. Trying to sign in brings up a status bar which spins for a while, and then tells me that "No response from server. Please try again." I
  22. So, I finally got System 8.5.1 installed on my LC575. For the life of me, I can't get networking to work. DHCP is not pulling an address. I'm using the Farrallon NuBus Ethernet card. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111792358051?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true The drivers seem fine. It passes tests. I'm seeing lights on the 10/100/1000 switch and on the card. Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. Hello all I've recently acquired a Daynaport E/si30 PDS Ethernet card for my SE/30, but I have no drivers for the Ethernet card, I've spent days searching the internet, but any promising links all seem to have died long ago, I've tried the mac museum but the DaynaPort-installer-7.x.x link is also dead. Is there anyone who could email me the needed files or possibly point me to an active link to download the driver software any help is greatly appreciated Many thanks, Josh.
  24. Does anyone have any idea why my Classic might throw a "Divide by zero" error?, when I try and connect to an iMac G3.Its the classic Mac bomb screen and even if you try and restart it gives the same error. Both machines are connected to a switch, and the Classic has a Dayna SCSI/Ethernet box. The iMac G3 has the Networking CP set to Ethernet and the Classic has the same thing set to Alt Ethernet from a choice of three, the other two do nothing apparently. Both machines have sharing set to on. Louis
  25. So I picked up an Macintosh SE FDHD to get software moved between my pc and both my Macintosh SE's. After replaceing some ram that died after 5 minutes of running its doing all nice, no leaking caps and running stable! So I currently have: 1 Macintosh SE, 1 Macintosh SE FDHD and 1 400/800K External floppy drive. Due this I'm able to move files from the Macintosh SE to my computer... So I can get MacTCP and all the other software to work. Only... What can I get to connect it to ethernet? I've tried searching on ebay and I didn't find any that are suited for the Macintosh SE, although I'm no
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