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Found 3 results

  1. So I just got stunnel working on my pi so I can now read my gmail on my Macintosh Plus using Eudora Lite 1.x! There is one problem though, I cannot send emails because of what I believe to be a security problem. I am not sure what's wrong but I get this error message (see below) when the mac tries to send emails to stunnel. I think stunnel is expecting the messages to already be secured or it is expecting smtp authorization. I am not sure how to fix this as I have very little IT background, hopefully someone here smarter can help! Thanks. PS: I also attached an image of my stu
  2. Hi chaps, trying to configure outlook 4.01 to work on my se/30. First up preference screen seems to big to fit on the screen, secondly port settings, ssl etc will it work? My SE/30 is networked and online, that version of outlook has ssl, any help appreciated?
  3. I'm doing a bit of development which might interest users here - and not just users of old Macs either. The problem that I'm trying to solve is making the Internet, and specifically the Web and Email, available to old Macs - many of which can't do ssl secured email or browsing. There are solutions available, but they're kludgy, and they may not work on really old machines. I want to remove the kludge, and make email and the web available (relatively securely) on all vintage machines - regardless of whether they're ancient Macs, 8088 DOS PCs, Amiga, ST, or any other machine with an email
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