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  1. I got this nice looking Colour Classic, just nice looking though, the AB in not really healthy. The volts are fluctuating, the 5v ranges from 3 to 5, 12v from 6 to 12. I need to look for the schematics. I'll move the the Compact section to seek for help for the diagnostic of this guy best PF
  2. Hello to everyone, This is my first post on 68kmla :) I recently acquired a Classic Color and I have some issues with the power supply. I recapped the analog board, and changed opto-couplers. After recapping I've 4.85V on the ADB connector. When I try to power using the keyboard, I hear a click and nothing more happens. When I remove the logic board, I can hear an "electrostatic" noise from the CRT but the PSU stops just after. Does the analog board starts every times without logic board? Is there some known components causing this
  3. Destroyed a few pads on my CC and SE/30 boards. CC was the first board I tried to re-cap, with my rusty soldering skills and not the best iron. My electronics guru helped reconstruct most of the traces but we couldn't get this last one and I can't tell what it connects to. SE/30 recap went smoothly (I learned from my mistakes with the CC and took it slow) but I broke a pin off UF8 and then killed 4 traces trying to remove it!
  4. Hello, Has anyone found a source for the 68 pin 256k VRAM SIMM apple p/n 661-0722? The SIMM is used to upgrade the video ram from 256k to 512k. Thank you, Rick
  5. I just ordered a set of caps to service several Color Classic analog boards. There are 23 different caps on this board, so just getting all the right stuff in the cart was tedious. Here's a Digikey cart link to make it quick and easy for anyone else doing the same. https://www.digikey.com/short/zmr2t1 This is for a complete recap, which may be unnecessary. Check out the various guides if you want to trim it down to only likely culprits. Also, the quantities in this cart are to replace caps on one board, with no spares. Most are very cheap, so you might want
  6. This is a picture from an auction I am interested in. What is the card on the motherboard? The seller happens to have the box of a Sonnet L2/G3 on offer with the Colour Classic but this can't be that. That would make the motherboard one from an early PCI Powermac (like a 5400). Could it be a Sonnet 040 card? What do ye think?
  7. Can any of you Color Classic owners confirm if the stock fan is 80x25mm and runs at 12V? Also, is the fan 2-wire or 3-wire? Lastly, if there is anything that would impede the easy replacement with a modern 80x25mm fan, please let me know. Thank you!
  8. Hey Guys, I have a color classic that has worked great though the years. Tried to turn it on this week and got nothing... I guess the caps finally went. Opened it up and had a little leakage, cleaned up with Isopropyl and ordered some caps from console5. Caps arrive and I replaced them but it still doesn't power on I started reading all the previous posts here and started checking voltages and traces. What I found out was, the system WILL power up when the board is removed. As soon as I plug in the board the system immediately
  9. The quantum hard disk in my color classic died, so I bought a SCSI2SD and was reading some information about it on codesrc.com and there was written that SCSI2SD needs to run on 5V or else the board would break.
  10. Folks.... I need some help with the correct name/nomenclature of some SCSI connectors. I am trying to plug a SCSI CD drive into the back of my Color Classic. Photo sphoto1 shows the SCSI cable connectors on the back of a CD drive. The SCSI connectors are small at about 1 and 5/8th of a inch long. Photo sphoto2 shows the SCSI cable coming from the back of my Color Classic. It is quite wide at about 2 and 1/2 inches. Is the SCSI connector in the back of my CC called a "50 pin Centronics"?
  11. I bought the color classic, previous owner said that it's working but when I connected everything and pressed the soft power button on ADB keyboard, nothing happened (the switch on back was turned on). I found on the internet that I should let it attached to the power for a day, it didn't help. I pulled out the logic board and turned the switch at the back on and I heard fan and hard drive spinning. Any ideas how to fix it?
  12. Since my SE/30 Wi-Fi Mod was somewhat successful, I decided to apply a similar technique to my Colour Classic (I’m not a total Mac hoarder, I only have these two!). Here’s the result: (my Colour Classic is a Mystic with a 575 logic board, but this technique should also work on a stock Colour Classic) If you’ve got an SE/30 with a network card, then you’ll know that it is in fact 2 cards connected by a ribbon cable – this made my original Wi-Fi conversion easy as I could just re-arrange things inside the case. However, network cards in the Colour Classic butt against the case, so
  13. Hi folks..... I saw this card on ebay and i am not sure what it does. Can anyone give me a heads up? Here is a link to the card. :The card is made by Asante. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Mac-Color-Classic-PDS-Ethernet-Card-Math-Co-Processor-LC-Performa/112629676565 If the above link is broken, you can search for item number 112629676565 I have a Farallon network card in my Color Classic. I have a math co processor installed on the main board. I do not know what this card will do. Thoughts? Thanks mraroid
  14. My Color Classic is repaired, and I have loaded 7.1 on it with Update 3. Now I want to install either MacTCP or OT and setup the ethernet. I have an Asante MCLC Twisted Pair card installed. When I plug in a cable, it lights up. I have tried unsuccessfully to get this working. First I installed the Asante Ethernet Installer 5.2.9, that installed MacTCP 1.1.1, but it would not connect to my LocalTalk network via EtherTalk after that installation. Serial LocalTalk works fine. I searched the net a bit and found a walkthrough for installing ethernet in an SE/30 running 7.0.1
  15. I posted a while back about a Macintosh CC that came into my posession with serious corrosion. Someone gifted me a board that needed recapping, and I finally just got it back from maccaps. I plugged it into the machine, heard a slight whine noise, and got absolutely nothing when turning it on. No fan, no chimes, no nothing. When I take out the board and turn on the machine, the fan does turn on. Does this mean there's a short in the board somewhere? The guy from maccaps assured me that it was working when he sent it back. What are the next steps? Thanks! EDIT: There is currently no
  16. I have a Macintosh Color Classic that I just restored and I am attempting to create a System 7 boot drive for it. I have a "3M High Density 2.0 MB" floppy that I am writing an img file to using the dd command on Linux. I either get the error that there is no space left on the disk after a few minutes of whirring, or that the end of the device was reached. That can't be right? I feel like a 2.0 MB floppy is big enough for System 7. Anyways, when trying to insert it into may machine, some painful whirring noises occur and it eventually gets auto-ejected. Any help would be really great! I'm not s
  17. Hello all, The short version: The CC (re-capped) no longer boots. I seek guidance. The long version: I booted my Colour Classic earlier today after about 8 months of non-use and I ran into a series of issues. Let me start by saying that the CC has an LC 550 logic board. Both the logic board and the analogue board (integrated power supply) were fully recapped around two years ago (ceramics, tants, and electrolytics where necessary) with ONE exception. I had the wrong sized 330uf 400v, so had to resit the original (see photo). Nevertheless, the CC operated perfectly well
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, but I was wondering if anyone could me troubleshoot my Mac Color Classic (stock, no upgrades like Mystic or Takky). I opened the computer and replaced the original 80MB HDD with a 2.1GB disk. Before, the screen worked and it showed the blinking disk icon, but now even though the computer turns on and makes the startup chime, the screen is entirely dark. I wouldn't be surprised if this was a cable I knocked loose or forgot to reconnect when I was removing the analogue board, but so far, I haven't been able to find anything out of place.
  19. Hi! I’m totally new to this forum and new to the vintage Mac scene, but I love all things retro and when someone gave me a Macintosh color classic to try to fix, I was super excited! The machine turns on (I hear the fan) and emits three monotone beeps. Not the chimes of death, but something I can’t figure out. I busted out the logic board, and wow. There was some serious corrosion. I tried to clean it up with some isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls, but some resistors totally fell off and I can see connectors that are completely worn through. I’ve attached some photos. What should I do? I only
  20. Hey folks. I remember reading about something similar to this some time ago. But I didn't pay that much attention to it as I wasn't really into CCs back then. Now I am though. I recently picked up a nice looking original CC. The seller advertised it as non working/for parts only and as it turns out, it boots up just fine. (apparently he had completely forgotten about soft power...) So that's good. What isn't though is this: NB: The flag in the top right section of the screen is supposed to be the French flag. Blue, White and Red. It's definitely not supposed to be green, w
  21. I retrieved a Color Classic from a stack of discarded Macs some time ago (~2002-ish) and in the same stack, grabbed an LC 575 (which turned out to have a cracked CRT) and a box of miscellaneous parts that included a full (non LC) 68040. A year or so later, I did the VGA mod to the analog board, found a 32 MB SIMM that worked, swapped in a 1.2 GB drive and installed some system(probably 7.5.3 - that's what I installed on everything back then). Then I put it on a shelf and it hasn't moved since. Around the same time I got that CC, I found a couple SE/30s. Both had dead drives, but I
  22. Hi everyone - I recently was fortunate enough to come across an LC575 board (Mystic) for my Color Classic which the original board had become extremely corroded. I was given the Color Classic a few years ago from someone who did not remove the battery and it caused a pretty large mess. I was able to clean out the system and this morning put the LC575 board in. It appears that the current drive has System 7.1 installed and needs to be updated, as I am getting the following message on startup: This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest installer to u
  23. Hi... I am looking for some software that might give me the temperature of my CPU, the logic board, hard drive, or anything close to that. I am running 7.6 and 8.1 in my Color Classic . I have been unable to find anything. Suggestions welcome. Thanks mraroid
  24. Hi.... I had been using a CD reader with my Color Classic. But I needed a CD drive that I could use to burn CDs from my Color Classic. So I bought a external Smart and Friendly Imation CD-R 8 X 20 CD drive. I used it when I upgraded my Color Classic to 8.1. The install went perfect. But after the install, I found that none of the CDs I put into the drive would ever appear on my desktop. This included the apple branded 8.1 CD I had used to install my OS. So I put the 8.1 CD back in the CD drive, rebooted with the "C" key depressed. It booted to my CD. After that, I ejected the
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