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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I bought a non-working Mac IIfx from eBay. There was a battery leak damage to the motherboard. Some components near the start up circuit were missing and many traces and vias damaged. The SRAM at UD16 had a couple of pins corroded away as well. Not surprisingly, initially it didn't boot at all. I cleaned the motherboard in alcohol (I soaked the board in it) and replaced missing components. Replaced the leaky caps. And I replaced the SRAM with a NOS from eBay (The board had M5M5256BFP but I replaced it with equivalent HM62256LFP, which is actually the chip on th
  2. I was in the process of cleaning and recapping an SE/30 logic board which had been subjected to a battery leakage. I've checked and rerouted all the rotted traces (totalling about 15) between the RAM, ROM, VROM and GLU but when I was satisfied enough to attempt a boot, pin 63 on the ROM burnt out (causing pin 64 to fall off, but pin 63 was definitely the offender) leaving me with a dead SE/30. Any ideas what might have caused the sudden burning on the ROM? I've checked it in another machine and now it only boots a grey screen with death chimes. Maybe there is a short I haven't
  3. Hi, I bought a Macintosh Classic but when I opened it I discovered that the battery leaked .... there was some traces corroded ... I cleaned the board and rebuilt the traces with copper wires. There was also leakage from the electrolitic capacitors so I removed them ... cleaned and replaced with new electrolitic smd capacitors. But the Mac still doesn't want to boot. I have orizzontal stripes .... I attached some pictures of the screen and the board. Hope someone can help me fixing this baby ... Thank's in advance for your help. p.s. on the screen picture there are oblique stripes.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I have a collection of about 35 machines and with my brother we're planning an exibition in my kid's school for the sience week. I've been away from my loved machines for a while, since life with small kids demands a lot of my free time.... Ok. So I went back to the shelves I've started turning on some machines among then my "pet" a IIsi. Din't power on. So. Open the lid and found the battery leaked. I cleaned the acid with alcohol, but don't know what else can be wrong. The oscilator's metal cover have rusted since the last time I recall. Perhaps I can
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