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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, One of my SE/30s is getting its motherboard recapped and this is what is PSU looks like with leaky goo: The machine has a new old stock analog board and will have the following when completed: Micron Video card with grayscale adaptere Daystar 50 mhz accelerator that goes plugs into the socketed motherboard Asante Ethernet Given this planned configuration, would you recommend getting the PS recapped or heading down the path of hacking in an ATX power supply? FWIW, reecapping is not in my skill set but I think I could follo
  2. Hello, This is a little bit of a blog post, if this is more suited to "The Lounge", please let me know. This is the story of my longest running Macintosh (nicknamed Pulse), which is still running 24/7 after 17 years. Intro A while ago, circa 2002-2003, an apple reseller gave me a dead G3/233 Desktop. When I said "dead", I mean it wouldn't boot and half of it was missing: - Top of the case was missing - The whisper personality card shield was missing - Case was bent, was probably dropped - No RAM - No HDD, No Optical Drive
  3. Hi All, Over the holiday weekend I was able to pull out my IIsi motherboard and of my SE/30s to be recapped. Both need their power supplies addressed. The IIsi is pretty maxed out in terms of what I run it it so I am interested to see if an ATX has been hacked into the IIsi. I have seen ATX going in SE/30 PSUs however they are slightly larger. Anyone done ATX with a IIsi? THx!! ~Von
  4. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows how to rewire a standard ATX PSU to use in a powermac 8100, my IIci uses one and I have another spare for the 8100. Also, will soft power work straight away?
  5. I recently got involved in reverse engineering the power architecture of the Quadra 630, in order to do an ATX PSU conversion. One thing I noticed is the large differences in component values between models, and implementations. Now I am very interested in finding out what the differences are and what causes them, so there is a definitive "map" of these conversions per-model. I will be making a chart/graph showing implementation differences between different conversion methods. All I ask of the community is information. If you have done a conversion: what model Mac did you use, how did you
  6. Hello, I figured I would start a topic for my custom case/ATX conversion of my Quadra 650! I got the logic board from just.in.time for $5 dollars, in untested condition. I actually found the matching connector for the power connector on Mouser! I ordered that, and I used clip leads for a first test, set up for hard power. I connected a speaker, and applied power. The board chimed, and it booted to the question mark. Yay! The board was good. Then, I connected an external scsi hard drive, which was read and it booted. Now, I'm going to assemble the proper cable so I don't have to use clip
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