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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I've posted about this on numerous vintage Apple forums, and no one has been able to find a solution to this issue yet.. Recently, my IIGS started having issues with its ADB port. It started after swapping my battery holder and battery, which could just be coincidence, as I'm having trouble remembering if the keyboard worked initially after that, and I left it alone for about a week afterwards. I double checked the battery and realized that a solder pad was missing from the positive terminal on the motherboard, it must have fell out when removing the original battery
  2. I have developed an adapter for using USB keyboards and mice over ADB. View a video demonstration of the prototype below. It is powered by the ADB bus and hosts USB keyboards, mice, and hubs. The production version will have an integrated hub with two ports (one keyboard, one mouse). The prototype is functional, but there is a lot of work left to do. Designing the PCB, implementing some additional firmware features I have planned, designing an enclosure, implementing a test suite, etc. Expecting to be able to ship them in 1Q 2017. Demonstration video
  3. There were two variants of the ADB G5431 Mouse as shown in the photo below: The left is the original and the right is a newer version. Not only is the color of the ball different but the size as well. QUESTION: Which of the two is considered better overall (rolling performance, accuracy, durability, etc)?
  4. I recently picked up an Apple IIgs. Everything is working except the mouse. I even tried using the ADB-USB Wombat (which allows you to connect USB mouse and keyboards to an older Apple computer). And the usb mouse did not work either. The ADB keyboard works fine. The USB keyboard works fine (when hooked up with the ADB-USB) I checked in the IIGS Control Panel (loading during startup of the Apple) and the Slot 4 is set to Mouse (was told it needed to be that way). The motherboard is super clean, and the battery is not exploded, its actually working and has todays date on it
  5. Today I returned to my Quadra 950 projects and discovered an odd problem. I have two of these, both were working as of a month or so ago, and today they BOTH fail to recognize the keyboard or mouse which of course makes it hard to control boot up options never mind do anything useful. Tried the obvious: different keyboards, cords, etc. and verified that the keyboard, mouse, and cables I'm using work fine on a Mac IIsi. Strange that BOTH computers developed the same symptoms at the same time. Anybody else seen this kind of problem on vintage Macs? The older they get, the more electr
  6. Does anyone know anything about the PowerKey Classic's ADB cable? Here's the diagram they show from the manual: I've got one coming in a few weeks, but it doesn't appear to include the cable. Would just using a simple passive S-Video splitter work?
  7. Hello all, I have a spare ADB lead which I cut off of an AppleDesign keyboard and an ADB port that I unsoldered from a scrap IIci 'board. I would like to attached them together to create an ADB extension cable. Does anybody know what each colour wire corresponds to? Red: White: Blue: Green: Pin 1 ADB Data Pin 2 PSW Power on Pin 3 +5V +5 volts power Pin 4 GND Ground Thank you!
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