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Found 4 results

  1. Since I have two machines with an AAUI port (an LC-III with the Apple Ethernet PDS card, and a Quadra 650), and only one AAUI-RJ45 adapter, I spent some time checking all that, and I think it's possible to make a cheap adapter cable to use regular AUI attachments, which are less rare, and so likely less expensive (there are even some on aliexpress at 10€ now). While it'd be possible to design a new transceiver from scratch, it's much more complex and requires creating a PCB. On the other hand, a cable with the proper plugs only requires a step-up converter to get the 12V from the 5
  2. Hello all, When I bought my Centris 650 a few months back, I also bought an AAUI adapter so I could hook it up to the internet as well as transfer files with my OS 9 machines if I needed to do that. The adpater, which was NIB when I got it, worked fine for a while, but I think there must be a short in the cable that runs from the box to the Mac because the last time I used it I had to bend the adapter's cable and position the box a certain way otherwise I wouldn't get any signal. So I am now debating whether I should buy another adapter box or buy a Nubus card with an RJ45 port o
  3. Hi guys, sorry for more networking questions, I’m using a centrecom AUI to 10Base-T Ethernet Transceiver, is that compatible with my se/30 NIC card as I’ve just read apple used Aaui protocol? Do i need a crossover cable instead of standard cat5? Any suggestions to get my mac online would be appreciated neal
  4. Are AAUI transceivers interchangeable between brands, both the cards and transceivers? The reason I am asking, I have a combination video and Ethernet card for the IIsi that has an AAUI port. I have an Apple branded transceiver that works great with my Quadra 700. But when I use it with that combo card on my IIsi, it doesn't light up at all. The combo card has an Asante branded Ethernet portion, so will I need an Asante AAUI transceiver? Or is something hosed with the Ethernet portion of the combo card? TattleTech does see both the video and the Ethernet portions of the combo card.
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