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Found 5 results

  1. Question for those of you SE/30 owners who use a PDS video card with an external display. I have a Micron Xceed video card and grayscale setup. Grayscale works great on the internal CRT, but I've never used the DB-15 port also offered by the video card. I have a 15" Color VGA LCD that's about 10 years old. Would this adapter on Amazon be all that I would need? (Not sure how those DIP switches on the adapter are used in case like this though.) Note the horizontal scan rate mentioned in the Xceed manual page below of 31.5kHz, which seems rather odd (maybe common for Apple though?). Any tho
  2. Hello, I bought this display on ebay, since I sometimes want something less bulky than a 13" CRT to hook-up with my IIcx. It arrived last week and works just as promised. But it would be nice (and practical) to design some kind of casing that better mimics the Snow White theme? Suggestions on how to pull this off is truly appreciated! /Kristian
  3. Hello, I managed to connect an Eizo FlexScan SX2461W 27” to my IIcx using a 15DM/DF-10p adapter and a DVI to VGA cord. It work great, I can se a full spectrum of colors, except the halftone is overwhelmingly green. What is happening and why all the green? I use a Nubus Macintosh Display Card 670, 820-0600-A I have tried every display setting … what have I missed? For now I use it monochrome. BW, Kristian
  4. Hi everyone, I have a working Color Classic, have installed an LC575 motherboard, and ResEdited the system file so the Color Classic boots ok. Everything works great. However, I want to modify the hardware so that I don't have to edit the system file in the future (it's nothing to ResEdit the system, I just like being able to do install the OS with no software mods). I also want 640x480 at the higher refresh rate. Question 1 re: High res VGA To do the 640x480 upgrade, I plan to use this http://colourclassicfaq.com/highres/. However, it does not appear to address the higher load on the cap
  5. Since the boards need recapping, I'll assume that the onboard video of my IIci's are Kaput! But it could be something else. I hook up my Macs to a Gateway 700e (I think) monitor using a Mac2VGA adapter. I have several kinds of these adapters, and they are all set to work with the IIfx's 24bit Apple video card and the LCs that I have AND they all work with the settings I have on them: 640X480 VGA or 800X600 SVGA with H-Sync, V-Sync and Composite on Green "ON". This setting works with the video card (the same Apple's 24bit video card as in the IIfx) in the IIci. But in removing the
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