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Found 17 results

  1. I need a new PSU for my SE/30, and it would be best if I got a modern one that supplies more power than the stock PSU. Any idea what ARTMIX could be using? (I doubt they made a custom designed power supply just for the SE/30. It certainly must be an off-the-shelf model, I would think.) http://www.artmix.com/hps_2009_EVO.html There are two +12V outputs, one being for the SWEEP. I assume these are isolated? For why offer two +12V output's instead of one powerful +12V unless they are needed to be isolated (to avoid noise issues)? I might be able to afford
  2. Hi! I have a PowerBook 230 with two power bricks. Last time I turned it on was half a year ago, just to see if it still worked before I trying to sell it locally. Then the condition was unchanged from before I put it in storage: all ok, but some flickering on the screen and vertical lines across the screen from white windows. No one was interested in buying. So after reading a lot on this forum about recapping, I thought I might as well give it a try. And of course it was long overdue: the printer port was almost loose from the PCB from corrosion. Just for fun I also recapped one of
  3. Hi all, been a while since I last posted here, about the same time I tried to use my IIsi(s)... so dug them out but neither of them would power on. I would get a brief click, fan and light then they would power off again. Tried replacing the fuses, which might have done more harm than good since the guy sold me slow fuses by mistake which I stupidly tested anyway. after getting the right fuses they blew straight away. so did some continuity testing and found at least a couple of the zener diodes are allowing current in both directions
  4. Hi there, it's my first post! Some time ago, the PSU in my IIsi suddenly turned itself off while running. Recently I opened it up to try and fix it and found 4 leaked caps on the secondary stage. The electrolyte had corroded through the legs and affected the solder mask and some pins on the bottom side. No unrepairable damage though. Cleaned the mess off, resoldered the oxidized wires and replaced the bad caps. Then tested the bare PCB on my desk with a fog light as load on the +5. It worked absolutely fine again: briefly touching /PFW to PSTRICL turned it on, touching /PFW to GND turned it
  5. Recapping a Macintosh IIsi Power Supply Related reference (cheat sheet): http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/ or on archive.org, http://web.archive.org/web/20191125110228/http://recapamac.com.au/macintosh-iisi-power-supply/
  6. Hello all, I had turned on my Powerbook 540c yesterday and it worked fine (although I forgot to turn on the external CD Drive so it wouldn't boot initially, derp). After using it for a bit, I shut it down as normal, but later in the day (and today) it didn't turn on; it remains completely silent. Am I correct in guessing that the power brick finally bit it, or could it be something else? I have heard of recapping the Blackbird's power supply, though it requires cracking open the enclosure... Thank you!
  7. Well, no sooner than my 540's power supply went caput, I now discovered that my LC III won't startup either, and instead just clicks. Apparently this is a pretty common issue, and I guess it can sometimes be resolved temporarily by applying hot air to the affected area? Grumble frumble...
  8. Inspecting the Profile power supply board, I noticed a very burnt resistor that had cracked into two pieces. I'm having trouble identifying its value. Can anyone help me out? It looks like Brown-Grey-Orange-Grey-Brown? Thanks
  9. Hi everybody, I have just bought an iBook, model number M6497, without a power supply. The seller said he believed it was a 600MHz G3. I'd like to know the model number of the power supply so that I can go look for one. On the back of the iBook in awful grey on white (I think I need glasses), it is rated 24Vdc and 1.785A max. Can anyone help? Thanks, aa
  10. Happy holidays, 68KMLAers! I have a nice Quadra 605 motherboard which I've recapped and did the resistor change to run at 33 MHz. Partly since the plastics have become so incredibly brittle, and partly because I don't have the capacitors needed to recap a power supply, I've decided to build this motherboard in to a small 1U rackmount case. I noticed that the whole motherboard takes 12 volts, 5 volts and -5 volts. I guessed that the -5 volts is probably only needed for the serial ports, so just to see I wired up 5 and 12 volts, and the system booted fine. The
  11. I have a monstrous Attila the Mac 950 Quadra tower that is a fantastic machine. Works great with one strange startup quirk: Before powering on, I have to turn off the power to the machine (using a power strip on/off button), then on again immediately prior to powering up the 950. If I do this it boots 100% of the time, very reliably. If I DON'T do this power strip on/off step, the machine fails to boot properly and hangs with a grey screen at startup. Very reliably. BTW I didn't just stumble up on this startup workaround, I found a hint during my hours of googling vintage mac startup
  12. I have several working IIci macs and have been trying to get one in nice shape complete with a recap to set up in my working vintage mac office. Power supplies seem quirky and sometimes mysterious, so I thought I might post some of my observations here and see if any collective wisdom or similar experience might help guide my next steps. Back in December I did some testing to sort out which machine to have recapped. In testing, it seemed all 3 machines suffered from a strange symptom where the on-board power button had to be held down in order to sustain power. Strange. Anyone seen this be
  13. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    SE/30 Sony power supply after a full recap. Here's the cap list from DigiKey. It will not work for the Astec version. A couple of notes: 1. The "big guy" capacitor (620uF, 400V) is no longer made. The one in the list has a slightly higher capacitance at 680uF. The protection circuit (limiter) in the power supply can easily handle the negligible jump up to 680uF. Something very important, however: the legs on the replacement capacitor are not going to match the slits in the power supply board. I had to widen and lengthen the corners of the existing slits for the new capacitor to fit. I use
  14. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    Solder-side view of the Sony power supply. Contacts cleaned and ready for new capacitors.
  15. From the album: Macintosh SE/30

    All capacitors have been removed from the Sony power supply and is now ready for the replacements to be installed. Copious amounts of electrolytic fluid has been cleansed from the board.
  16. Hi, I'm having some problems with a Quadra 700. The Mac only (now) boots when the power to the HDD is disconnected, and goes straight into the flashing floppy screen. When the HDD power is connected, the Mac does not boot at all - just a clicking sound comes from the machine. The PSU fan tries to spin too. I assume this is some sort of problem with the power supply - possibly not being able to supply enough power? Weirdly the whole machine was working fine yesterday, although it hadn't been booted in a long while before that. Is there something I can do to fix this? Has anyone
  17. Did some recapping of boards and an LC Power Supply (PSU) today. I had a few successes here and there. Thus I post a few things I learned in recapping my first LC power supply though I am already used too such similar jobs. The problem I had was the size of the caps. Uniserver's webpage ( http://maccaps.com/MacCaps/Capacitor_Reference/Entries/1990/10/15_LC_I%2C_II%2C_III_Power_Supplies.html ) was very beneficial and informative to this cause, but this is only a partial recapping which is fine with me. The caps in the LC PSU are tall and skinny. The caps I got are short and fat, I did not t
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