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Found 4 results

  1. For the benefit of those with Mac IIfx's (or NTX printers) out there that having issues getting external SCSI devices to work because they can't locate the incredibly rare "Black" Apple SCSI Terminators II's - I was wondering if the linked Apple Tech notes might be of interest to someone here who may be able to make these. The linked Apple's Developer Tech Note on SCSI Termination outlines the differences between the standard (Grey) and Mac IIfx/NTX (Black) Terminator II's (and has a pretty bad set of Sarah Conner jokes). Old (Grey) SCSI Terminator: New (Black) SCSI Terminator I
  2. So, I manage to snag an illusive 'Wicked Fast' Macintosh IIfx on eBay... While getting a Mac IIfx was great, of more interest was finding out what was inside this beast - eBay shared this glimpse of what was inside... Getting my hands on it at last and opening it up, I found that all 6 nubus slots were full: Time to find out what was in this lucky door prize... Now, working through these... 1st card: Radius Video card of some sort? 2nd card: Apple PC Drive Card with 50pin interface- what does this do??? 3rd card: Macintosh Display card - a 'Toby' video u
  3. As a favor to dad, I recapped his IIfx for him. It was just two (2) caps - 47µf @16 cans that goes bad, they are on the right side, one under the power switch and another by the top RAM SIMM Sockets. They are very tight spots to solder in. I'll post pics later, but in the very least the can caps have another cap area for a larger sized cap to go on. But I ran into problems. 1) Those leaky caps were glued down on top of being soldered on! I had to use a finger nail to pry off the plastic disc the cap rested on and there were two tiny red glue tabs. They were almost impossible to clean o
  4. Has anyone figured out, done or otherwise documented the maximum amount of maximum RAM on a Mac II Series Mac and with what type of RAM? I know of one case - MacClassic and his SE/30 having 69Megs using EDO RAM. This is his post: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23086-ram-suitability-for-se30/?p=238991 In theory he could have 128MB of RAM on the SE/30 but did not have enough resources to get it done. Personally I would like to know what is obtainable in theory and what was done in the past by the members.
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