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Found 5 results

  1. After the recent revival of my Lisa 2/5 I decided to drag out the Mac512K with the General Computer HyperDrive. I picked this up at Goodwill back in the '90's. (1996 if I can believe the file dates on the HD. That's all I have to go on.) I think I paid $120 for it maybe. (That may be what paid for the Lisa, I just don't remember.) Interestingly, based on the serial number this system started its life as a 128k but the badging on the back says 512 and it has a 512K MB. But who knows, maybe the original owner had it upgraded when the HyperDrive was installed. It w
  2. Hi all, I've got a Mac 512K which is having sound issues with the speaker. Tried hooking up a speaker to the external audio jack, and while I do get audio, it's somewhat attenuated, and I have to crank up the volume on the speakers to hear it. Unplugging from the jack, I'm able to hear sound from the speaker, but it's very faint. (Unfortunately, I don't have a disk to generate a continuous test sound, so I'm just booting Dark Castle, and letting it play the intermittent audio from the splash screen.) One other odd thing: Seems like I'm getting some sort of feedback from the disk on the au
  3. By posting this inflammatory thread I know the flames will rage high! So let it burn! Ha! Lets throw hats and chew the fat, discuss about experiences and techno-babble, and explain why it is to you. I surmise that the SE\30 will rank high, though it is not without its problems: Recapping and Cap Goo Trace Rot being the worst of them. But the SE does not have these problems though they have most of the same components. Then you have the Classic and Classic II. Though the Classic will rank well along with the SE as a 68K machine, the Classic II is another issue altogether. Then there
  4. Hi everyone, Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up a (non-upgraded) 512K Mac that someone needed to get rid of (fine with me). It is a good-looking machine, and still works. There are two parts failing, however: the mouse (which can still be had off eBay) and the phone-style keyboard cable. I have some difficulty tracking the latter; can anyone here offer advice on where to get a specimen?
  5. Check out my latest video. I successfully got an Apple Watch and a Mac 512Ke to share files!
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