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Found 11 results

  1. I have just acquired a 1.6Ghz G5. It has one-processor and PCI slots. If I want to upgrade this machine to the dual processor 2.0GHz version, do I just need a new motherboard & heatsinks or is more needed (like, for example) a beefier PSU)? I'll be taking out the HDs in it and replacing them an SSD.
  2. Recently acquired my old G5 after I gave it to my Dad some 6/7 years ago to replace his ageing Windows XP machine. Somehow he managed to continue using the G5 up until 2018 when he replaced it with a new laptop. I eventually got round to picking up my old computer and forgot what a nice machine it is. I would love to have a use for it but of course browsers on 10.5 are long unsupported and even TenFourFox runs like garbage. I know there are Linux distros compiled for PPC but most articles/threads on that are very old and I was wondering if there was any 'fairly recent' support, de
  3. Hi, I realized that both Firmtek and Wiebetech sold Sil3132 based controller cards for late-2005 PowerMac G5. I had a Sil3132 card sitting in a drawer so I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, this card has a 4mbit eeprom. The firmware file (ROM.3132.2SE2) was taken from Firmtek's latest available update. Flashing it via updflash.exe in DOS mode was easy. But my 2.0 GHz dual core G5 is unstable with the card installed and a HDD attached to it (WD Green 500GB). Most of the time it will crash during boot or a few seconds past login... I tried the previous firmware revision (5.
  4. Hi folks. Yesterday, I finished reassembling the PM G5. It is, as you probably know, a long and tedious process. Plugged it to the outlet and immediately after that, 3 LEDs lit up: Processor A, Processor B and Trickle Power. I thought the Processors weren't aligned properly but no. It seems the PSU isn't outputting anything on the processor side... I get 0 Volts at the power bus bar, and 0V at either CPU terminals. The logic board gets power though through the connector located near the plug. The other connector (towards the front of the unit) doesn't appear to be doing anything. LED
  5. Here's an easy one (for you guys) Does any1 have a digram of the PCI slots and their speeds for the Power Mac G5 (11,2)? I'm trying to make sure I install a new GPU in the fastest PCI slot on the machine. Looking around the internet I find no diagrams with specific enough labels for the slots. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I just installed 16GB of PC2 6400 RAM into a Late 2005 G5 (11,2) The memory is showing as PC2-3200U-288 in the system info. QUESTION 1: Would I benefit from installing actual PC2 4200 RAM into the machine? (Which is the specified maximum speed for the machine) GeekBench2 in 32 bit mode gives a benchmark of 3370 which seems to be OK for this class of machine. QUESTION 2: Would using non ECC vs ECC make a notable difference? Thank you guys.
  7. Hi guys, I'm trying to buy an Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 for my Power Mac G5. I notice on eBay there are a bunch of "mac" Quadros that don't have RAM on both sides as prescribed by this guide. http://g5center.net/index.php?post=the-fx4500--your-g5 Anyone have any experience flashing the firmware of a quadro that DOESN'T have RAM on both sides? Will the quadro firmware from the page below work for quadros that don't have double sided RAM? http://themacelite.wikidot.com/wikidownloads2 The quadros not labeled with 'mac' seem to be a lot cheaper.
  8. Hi guys, With your help I got the G5 (hardware 11,2) running Classic Mode. BadGoldEagle posted a link to a Classic Mode tutorial http://web.archive.org/web/20121026093607/http://flylib.com/books/en/ but the Classic mode on my G5 seems to behave differently A couple of things: 1 - I can't seem to get a version of Stuffit to install in the Classic environment. Stuffit 651 installs but it's in the OSX environment. Stuffit 703 starts the install but then it states that it cannot install in the OSX environment. I had thought that with Classic Mode installed, if a
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mac OS 10.4 on a Power Mac G5 (11,2) The install disc I'm using is a 10.4 Install Disk with Xcode 2 that I bought from eBay. When I try to boot from the DVD I get a kernel panic. The kernel version is Darwin 8.0.0 I then tried to boot into Safe Mode where the topline error is "Unable to find driver for this platform: PowerMac11,2" Looking further on eBay it appears that nobody differentiates versions of Mac OS that are compatible with the 11.2 hardware revision for the G5. When I try to boot into single user mode I get a kernel panic again.
  10. I just bought a powerMac G5 with the Quad core 2.5GHz CPUs This machine is a super find (I plan on maxing out the memory and putting in an SSD) I dreamt about owning this machine when it was out in 2005 and now 10+ years later I have one! I was wondering if there any opinions out there about which OS does better on it 1) OS 10.4 2) OS 10.5 I've heard that OS 10.5 with the whole universal code thing slows things down. Also, I don't know if Safari in 10.4 will be so outdated that I won't be able to cruise the web at all. I'm also hoping to get a decent MacOS 9.2.2 s
  11. In Apple's official documentation and other documentation on the Internet say that the Xserve G5, which has eight memory slots, can take up to 16 gigs using ECC memory. In the past I've bought a couple of 2 gig ECC DDR-3200 DIMMs, but they didn't work. Considering how some regular DDR DIMMs don't work in Macs, I assumed it was the DIMMs. Does anyone know what specific kind or of a specific place where one can get 2 gig ECC DIMMs which will work? If I find working ones, I am also inclined to test one in a PowerPC Mac mini. I always thought that if the mini had 2 gigs, it'd have been perfec
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