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  1. Hi all, My iMac G3's CD-ROM is struggling to eject CDs, I have to grab the partially ejected CD and yank it out before it inserts itself again. I thought about replacing it with another drive, but I've came across this guide, and I'm wondering if it would be any help to me? also, concerning the guide, I'm not sure if it's good idea to microwave a rubber band in water at 115ºC. The water will be boiling and I'm afraid that the rubber band would melt...
  2. Hello, This is a little bit of a blog post, if this is more suited to "The Lounge", please let me know. This is the story of my longest running Macintosh (nicknamed Pulse), which is still running 24/7 after 17 years. Intro A while ago, circa 2002-2003, an apple reseller gave me a dead G3/233 Desktop. When I said "dead", I mean it wouldn't boot and half of it was missing: - Top of the case was missing - The whisper personality card shield was missing - Case was bent, was probably dropped - No RAM - No HDD, No Optical Drive
  3. My iMac G3 had arrived today and when I unpacked it, I've noticed some beige plastic around the VGA and RAM lids, I took it out. Then I noticed that the bottom left CRT holder is cracked and there's a screw visible, I opened the iMac and while I was opening it more and more beige plastic pieces started to fall out of the iMac. The bottom plastic case was a bit stuck, but at the end, the beige plastic had snapped and released the right part of the white bottom case. Also, the CRT doesn't fit perfectly with the front panel, there is a small space between the monitor glass and the plastic case.
  4. Hello everyone! I recently got an iMac G3 cheaply from a thrift store missing the hard drive and ram, but it powered on and gave the beep signal for no ram, so I bought it. I got a stick of ram from a friend, installed a hard drive, and it even powered on to the blinking question mark. However, after returning to the computer after burning an install disc for the OS, it no longer would turn on. I will attach a video of what it does. https://streamable.com/pnoq2 In case this does not load, the speakers click a few times, and the CRT makes noise that sounds
  5. Basically, title. Got a couple of G3s a few months ago. One of them in great shape, 512 MB RAM, PCMCIA 802.11n card (although it only works under OS X) and a rare Wegener Media G4 at 550 MHz. The daughter card looks just like a stock one but apparently the folks over at Wegener grafted on a G4 and added 1 MB L2 cache. And I have two other G3/400s, one is in great shape (just needs new hinges), and the other is just for parts. So the maxed-out one is where I'm having problems - 1) It doesn't boot reliably. Sure, it chimes 100% of the time, either with its new battery or
  6. I am borrowing an iMac G3 with Mac OS 9.1 and Quicktime Player Version 5.0.2 for a film. I need the computer to play a video file that I created in the film. When I burn a CD with the video file on it, the G3 will show the JPEG image files on the CD, but the video files don't show up at all! I've tried several different formats/codecs like MOV, MP4, h264, and AVI, but none of them show up at all. I've also tried several other unsuccessful methods of transferring the video file to the G3. I can't get a flash drive to mount even when formatting it to several different formats, I can'
  7. I am unable to power up my iMac G3. I opened up the case and pressed the CUDA button and it powers up. However every time I switch the mains to off I have to redo it again. Is something faulty? I had the PRAM battery removed by the way.
  8. alright boys im new to this old imac power pc stuff haha i got a free imac g3 i googled what type it is and i got M6665LL/A* Model M5183 PowerMac1,1 now it didnt come with a hard drive (not sure if that is good or bad) so i looked around found a HD with tiger installed but comes to find out it doesnt work now i found out it wont work with my model but any way i can use it to freshly install OSX or do i need to get OS 9 and a other HD that is is meant for this model? just need a helping hand here so i can get this baby booted up just want it working nothing fancy just to boo
  9. Hi: I'm looking at the best way to download legacy Mac software from the Internet to use on my Compact Mac (eg SE/30, CC etc..). In the past, I used my old WinXP computer and it was tedious, but it worked. Now that I have Win10, it does not work any longer. So, what is best way to do this ? I'm thinking of perhaps buying a PowerPC G3, with Zip drive (I have an external SCSI Zip that I can use on the SE/30). Would the software downloaded by it be compatible with compact Macs ? What OS should be used on the G3 that would be Internet-friendly, as well as compatible ? I read that a du
  10. First time real post in the conquest section, as well as first time real post in some years on this site. By some sort of sheer blind luck I came across a Power Macintosh G3 AIO for free on Craigslist, albeit without the hard drive. I'm assuming it works from inspecting the board and internals and everything although I haven't yet connected it to power, but will do so tomorrow morning. What it is missing besides the hard drive though is the sled that the drive mounts on inside of the caddy that slides out of the back in order to service the board and drives. Besides canniba
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if it is a difficult/time-consuming thing to take a G3 processor from a broken iBook, fit it onto a ZIF-mount and use it in a Beige or B&W G3. The processors are soldered in in iBooks, if I remember correctly, (and I've no idea how difficult it is to desolder these) . Some way would have to be found to set the speed in the G3 if the processor is faster than 500MHz. Sonnet and friends have shown that it is possible, the question is whether it is worth anyone's while to offer such a service. Is this really unfeasible? aa
  12. Hello, So back in the day I used to see ads for the fruit color iMac G3s and I always wanted one, but couldn't have one. Fast forward to today and I have a small collection of old Macs. I already have three G3 machines (Powerbook G3 Main Street, PDQ, and an Icebook), yet I still desire a fruit color iMac. The reason is really just aesthetics and nostalgia. I know the specs won't be any better than the other G3s I have (correct me if I'm wrong). I mainly collect Mac laptops due to space concerns, though I could squeeze in another desktop/compact if I wanted to. I like that the
  13. Came across a guy who had found 2 B&W G3s and a Studio Display in his attic. Picked them up yesterday, had to troubleshoot them a bit, but sure enough, they came to life! One had no ram, one had two sticks (one bad). Studio display works for the most part, but has to be tapped every once in a while and has a horrible green and magenta effect on the screen. Thinking I might sell one if there's any interest. Cosmetically, one is a little rough.. missing side panel, scuffs and scratches, cracked or broken feet and handles. But it works! On a side note, I found this on the letgo app
  14. Hi all, I'm new here and I'm fairly new to Macs, so I apologize for any things I might not say or do correctly in advance! I also apologize for asking you all this newbie tech support question haha. I bought this barely used iMac G3 from someone on EBay a while back, and it came with OS 9.2.2. I am trying to install OS 10.3 on it. It has 128 MB RAM, 10 GB storage and is an grape slot-loading model. I came across Panther full install 3 disk CDs from a friend but they were copied disks of the originals so there wasn't any labels or information on the disks. When I started the installation fro
  15. Just got my clamshell today. Its running 9.2.1 and it has an airport card installed. However, I keep getting error code 3278. It appears when I open the airport app and when I go to where there should be networks, and all I see is 3278. I've tried swapping AIrport cards, I tried reseating it, I tried a fresh install... Idk whats wrong with it, but its annoying me to no end. Any ideas?
  16. Hi, I recently bought two “rev. A” iMacs (I noticed they had the Rage II chip) that came with the same Mezzanine card installed. Since I haven't made a thorough disassembly of these tray-loading iMacs, I haven’t had a careful look at the card they have brought. I’m hoping some of you guys recognise the card by the ports layout.
  17. No relation to seller - this is the best price I've seen in quite a while on new batteries from Apple service parts for the main G3 batteries. And they even offer a 30-day warranty. For anyone after a battery for a Pismo or Lombard, this would definitely be cheaper than re-celling. They appear to have multiples... http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-Apple-PowerBook-G3-Rechargeable-Battery-M7318-661-2295-/400963410856?hash=item5d5b481ba8:g:EekAAOSwpDdVCgIK
  18. While trying to get my iMac G3 online, I came across an issue. (maybe several) I could not get the Airport card to recognize my wifi. I tried connecting to my laptop through an Ethernet cable so I could share the internet, but that wouldn't work. I painstakingly made a network on my laptop to try and get my iMac to connect. However, the network would only let (or so it seemed) Windows computers join. Oops. So I installed Wine on the iMac, but I wasn't using the right version, so it didn't work. Double oops. I continued to try different settings, but the "encryption method" wasn't correct. Trip
  19. Little by little I’m becoming more attached to these little macs. They are the offspring of the Classic Macs and flag Apple’s rebirth from the ashes. I’ve been focusing mainly in getting a SE/30 or Colour Classic and in the process I have given little attention to these inconspicuous machines. But by the fifth complete tear-down and restoration I can assure you they are a resilient bunch and gorgeous looking machines, bridging our internet age to the analogue ways.
  20. I recently got an iMac G3 Blue dalmatian off eBay. So I thought "Hey, lets post the pics in a completely different area of the 68kmla!" And here they are.
  21. Carboy7

    iMac G3.

    The Blue Dalmatian iMac G3 is rare, right? Do you think it's worth $215.00? Although it also came with the black Pro keyboard and black Pro mouse. I don't have them yet. <-- sorta looks like an iMac I have yet to find if the thing works or not. I will be posting pictures of the machine or auction. (I'm so excited!!! )
  22. I have 90$. My objective: To buy a new powerbook. I'm thinking of getting a 5300, but any pb will do. Anyone got an idea? Remember. 90$.
  23. My oldest 800mhz G3 'book suddenly has a major issue - won't turn on with any regularity, can occasionally get restarted and booted by pressing the power button and inserting - removing - reinserting the power cord. Makes a low tone almost like a low toot sometimes with no boot, sometimes does that before booting. And, it will not charge a battery when it does boot. I have another dead 800 with some parts I can cannibalize. My question is, do the above symptoms point to just the little power board, or to a mainboard failure? I know the teardown is a bit of a bugger - maybe something fo
  24. Hi there. Was wondering if anyone has heard of Macintosh speakers going bad. I have a G3 desktop Macintosh with the oblong speaker in that beige casing. Anyways turning the volume up makes it sound bad, almost like the voice coil is blown but I hear no rubbing from the speaker by manually moving the diaphragm of the speaker. I don't really wanna cut the cord from it as I have another speaker that size but with a bigger magnet and different ohms. It wont fit into that beige casing if I do so. Anyone else have one and can comment on the sound of the G3? Its the flat one that the case slides off.
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