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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I inherited a Mac SE/30 with an Dayna Ethernet card included. The card isn't working and when I had a look over the board I noticed one of the components (a capacitor) had failed per the attached picture. It looks to be called C3. I'd like to get this board going again and just wondering of anyone had the same board and knew the value of C3? The model looks to be a Daynaport E/30 if that helps at all? Thanks Sonny
  2. Hello all I've recently acquired a Daynaport E/si30 PDS Ethernet card for my SE/30, but I have no drivers for the Ethernet card, I've spent days searching the internet, but any promising links all seem to have died long ago, I've tried the mac museum but the DaynaPort-installer-7.x.x link is also dead. Is there anyone who could email me the needed files or possibly point me to an active link to download the driver software any help is greatly appreciated Many thanks, Josh.
  3. I've been pulling out my old hardware and setting up a network. I have a IIci I've been setting up as a file server. It currently has a DaynaPort E/II-T NuBus Ethernet card in it (and a 50MHz upgrade) and I've been setting it up as an AppleShare 3 server to NetBoot a couple of IIgses and serve files. Right now I have 7.6.1 on it, and I'm trying to find some working drivers for the DaynaPort card. I downloaded 7.7.2 and I'm not getting any response in the TCP/IP control panel
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