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Found 4 results

  1. Folks.... I have a Mystic Color Classic. I am running a LC 575 logic board with a full 68040 processor. I can boot to 7.6.1 or 8.1. I have not been able to find a CD burner that will work with my set up. I have bought two so far, and both do not work. I have posted in the past about this and many people have suggested drivers, universal drives and the like. But none seem to work. I am starting to think that no CD burners were made that would work under 7.6.1 or 8.1 But if you have one working could you please post the full name and model number and which dri
  2. Hi folks.... I have been slowing collecting parts to do a hardware mod to a LC 575 board so I could slide it into my Color Classic. I am not doing a video mod. I am keeping (for now any way) the 512 X 384 screen resolution. All I am trying to do now is install a faster board so my Color Classic can have a bit more speed. I am running a Color Classic II board in it now. I have seen posts on this forum saying that if all I want to do is install 8.1, I can just slide a un modified LC 575 logic board into my CC, and install 8.1. I was skeptical. But I ordered a 8.1 CD anyway. This CD is
  3. Hi.... I had been using a CD reader with my Color Classic. But I needed a CD drive that I could use to burn CDs from my Color Classic. So I bought a external Smart and Friendly Imation CD-R 8 X 20 CD drive. I used it when I upgraded my Color Classic to 8.1. The install went perfect. But after the install, I found that none of the CDs I put into the drive would ever appear on my desktop. This included the apple branded 8.1 CD I had used to install my OS. So I put the 8.1 CD back in the CD drive, rebooted with the "C" key depressed. It booted to my CD. After that, I ejected the
  4. Greetings, (this is my first post on 68kmla) I newly installed Mac Os 8 on my Mac IIci's 72gb external drive using resources patches and Wish i was(and not Born Again). Now it boots just fine and i find it significantly more stable than my old system 7.1 which was also somewhat stable. But what satisfies me the most is the fact that now i can access HFS+ file system. So i partitioned this large drive to get a large 69gb HFS+ storage drive and a 1gb HFS drive to boot Mac Os 8.1. What i am wondering now is about enhancing the responsiveness of the computer and the UI's speed: Will replac
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