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Found 4 results

  1. Folks.... I have a Mystic Color Classic. I am running a LC 575 logic board with a full 68040 processor. I can boot to 7.6.1 or 8.1. I have not been able to find a CD burner that will work with my set up. I have bought two so far, and both do not work. I have posted in the past about this and many people have suggested drivers, universal drives and the like. But none seem to work. I am starting to think that no CD burners were made that would work under 7.6.1 or 8.1 But if you have one working could you please post the full name and model number and which dri
  2. Hi.. I am running 7.6.1 on a 68030 Color Classic II computer. I just down loaded "Born Again" version 1.0. It is suppose to let me install 8.0 or 8.1 on a partition on my hard drive. Has anyone here used it? Do you have anything good or bad to say about it? I am going to guess that it will slow down 8.1... Feedback welcome. Thanks mraroid
  3. Hi folks.... My color classic is giving me an error message when ever I try to shut it down. When I select "Shut Down" from the menu, I receive a pop up that says "Sorry. System error has occurred "installer" Error Type 41". I see a black cannon ball. In the body of the error message is another "shut down" button. When I click it, the Color Classic acts like it wants to shut down. All the icons disappear and the screen changes color but it never shuts off. I have to manually reach around for the shut off switch on the back of the color classic. When I boot again, I see the nag
  4. Hi folks... I am running 7.6.1 on my CC. Eh, I believe with the board upgrade, I am actually running a CCII. I am looking for a utility (s) that will run under my OS, that will give me technical details about my CC. I am thinking which CPU, how much memory, what motherboard is installed, etc. It would be nice if it could ID how many SCSI chains and what is installed. And any other technical details. Suggestions? Thanks. jack
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