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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings everyone, I have a little question regarding the max amount of RAM in Performa 630 (rev B board), as I've read some conflicting information on the net, and like a Mac guru to clear my doubts. ;) LowEndMac states that I can use a single-banked 64 MB SIMM for a max amount of 68 MB. Other sites claim that only 32 MBs are supported, for a total of 36. I also read on several sites that I can solder a second 72-pin RAM slot and fit it with 16 MB single-banked SIMM (for a total of 52 MB), however there are only 64 solder pads on my board - not enough to fit a 72-pin slot!
  2. Hello, I haven't seen any threads about this particular group of Performas needing a recap, but I wanted to know for sure whether or not these models require a recap. Thanks in advance.
  3. First post. Woot! I thought I might share some knowledge and get some feedback on my process, but first the backstory. I have a Performa 640CD I acquired from a longtime client around 12 years ago. She donated it to me because the power supply failed from a lightning strike. I happened to have acquired a Performa 630CD around that same time, so I moved the 640CD logic board over to the 630CD chassis to test it. Lo and behold: the 640CD powered up. Life happened and I promptly forgot about the machine. I got back on a preservation/restoration kick the last couple of years and finall
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