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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone Introduction Long story short, I got a 8100 a while back, which had some sort of PSU fault which resulted in a dead motherboard (burned area of 4 cm^2 + tons of smoke ). Salvaged some parts of it, included one HPV card (820-0509-A). I want to use this card into my PowerMac 6100/60 as it's more powerfull than the onboard GPU. I also see a lot of HPV cards on ebay, so that would be an interesting upgrade to some others 6100s Goal The first goal to create a riser card which will + maybe other stuff if that's possible (think debug LED
  2. Hello! My Macintosh Performa 6110CD has stopped working, powering it on makes a ticking noise and the power led starts flashing. What's interesting is the performa was working just fine yesterday, I tested it thoroughly. I'm pretty sure this is the PSU but I'd like to confirm that it is; the performa is connected to a high end surge protector. I removed all the molex power connectors to the CD and Hard drive and the ticking is quieter and faster when I power it on. Is this the PSU? and if so what can I do about this? I don't have any soldering iron equipment or experience. Than
  3. From the album: Powermac 6100

    This is my Powermac 6100/60 'nessa' running Debian Sarge (3.1) w/ kernel 2.4. I have X-Chat 2 open. It has become the bedputer.

    © ulterior 2014

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