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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Over the Christmas I decided to upgrade my PB 540c. I have a 16MB card to replace the 8MB card and a SCSI2SD PowerBook card to replace the 320MB 2.5" SCSI drive. Neither of these need replacing (12MB is fine for System 7.1.1 and 320MB is more than big enough for the games being played on it. It's not even all that loud.). While following the iFixit guide, I think I broke the little clippy things that hold in the keyboard strips and I have broken the plastic doodah that holds down the RAM board. I should know better. This is 26 year-old plastic. I have 2x P
  2. Ran into an issue where my power adapter for my Powerbook 540c was outputting 16v on one pin, but only 2.xv on the other pin so my 540c would no longer start up. Took the PA apart(it's epoxied together) and discovered 6 capacitors. 2x 330uf - 25v, 2x 100uf 200v, and 2x 100uf 25v. The part numbers can bee seen in the picture. While the capacitors didn't look bad, I knew they were 20 some years old and it was time to swap em out. Sure enough, as soon as I soldered in the new caps I got 16v back on both pins and my Powerbook 540c is happy again!
  3. Hopefully, this would come in handy for anyone curious about the PCMCIA module made for the PowerBook 500 series. I've posted as many pictures from various angles of the board assembly and parts (in case anyone has interest in planning modifications and how much space is inside the module) as I don't intend to open this up very often. If at all. There are three hex screws, one plastic tab, and a sticker holding my Rev C module together. I didn't have a hex bit of the correct size, but a Torx T6 proved a snug fit that allowed me to remove the screws. When I depressed the plastic ta
  4. Hello all, I had turned on my Powerbook 540c yesterday and it worked fine (although I forgot to turn on the external CD Drive so it wouldn't boot initially, derp). After using it for a bit, I shut it down as normal, but later in the day (and today) it didn't turn on; it remains completely silent. Am I correct in guessing that the power brick finally bit it, or could it be something else? I have heard of recapping the Blackbird's power supply, though it requires cracking open the enclosure... Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I've come across a PB 540c going for the equivalent of USD60 (+ 10 for shipping). It has two dead batteries and no power-supply. It is a nice machine and the price is not at all bad. The seller has posted pictures of it working by means of a universal power supply. It seems that one cannot get batteries rebuilt for the 500-series PB. I have a few questions: 1. Will any PB 500-series power supply work or do I need one specific for the PB 540c? 2. How often do power supplies turn up on eBay etc? 3. Are there known problems with these pow
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