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Found 3 results

  1. A few people have asked how I make use of modern SCA SCSI disks with older machines. Since high end 10000 or 15000 RPM 3.5" drives are overkill speedwise, and since most of us don't really need 300 gigs on our older machines, I've settled on 70 gig 2.5" disks such as the IBM 90P1316, the IBM 90P1313 and the IBM 26K5158. They're 10000 RPM drives which can communicate at Ultra-320 speeds ,so they're still much more than we generally need, but they're comparatively new, require less power than a 3.5" disk (although they still do require 12 volts) and they're cheap at around $15 USD ea
  2. Hello everyone! I have a SE/30 that boots from the internal HDD only if a ZIP drive is connected. I initially thought it may have something to do with bad traces on the motherboard (and still haven't checked since it is not my area of expertise), but then I remembered: the HDD is a Seagate 8GB drive taken from an external Lacie enclosure. Is it possible that I have to terminate it with the switches present on the HDD? I found the manual for the drive but I am unsure on how to proceed. Maybe it has nothing to do with this, but the jumper plug on J2 is set to "term power from
  3. Dear forum members, According to SCSI requirements, the first and the last devices in a SCSI chain should be terminated. Since I have Iomega ZIP drive connected to the external SCSI port, there are 3 SCSI devices in a chain: 1. Macintosh SE FDHD itself - SCSI controller on the motherboard (SCSI ID 7) 2. Internal HDD (SCSI ID 0) 3. External Iomega ZIP drive (SCSI ID 5) The last device on the SCSI chain is the external ZIP drive, so it must be terminated. But what is the "first" device: SCSI controller on the motherboard, or internal HDD? In other words, do I have to disable te
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