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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I’m trying to get my Adjustable Keyboard to work. Apart from the usual flakey keys, the separate Nummeric pad isn’t working. I’ve only found one set old instal disks for the keyboard on Macintosh Garden, but it will not install on my system. I’m running a Colour Classic Takky (6500 MB) with System 8.6. The keyboard is recognised in System Profiler and the mouse connected through the Nummeric Pad is working. The adjustable keyboard should work on any ADB Mac, shouldn’t it? Should the correct drivers be included in system 8.6? Does anyone know a use for the Record button?
  2. I recall from my Apple II days that several programs, or firmware allowed you to inspect the contents of memory. Does that capability exist for the Macintosh 68k family? thank you, Rick
  3. Hey! I'm trying to find the software that is featured on the cover of the first edition Macintosh Plus manual, which can be found here! It looks like a spreadsheet/charts application, but I can't seem to find anything about it on the internet. Thanks everyone!
  4. I've been trying to setup Retro68 for quite a while on my Macbook. Initially, I was unable to compile the project, but after trying it enough times, I at least got far enough in the compilation process to have a working 68K toolchain. It was mentioned in some other posts, as well as in this blog post, that it is possible to setup Retro68 to work with the Codelite IDE. I have however not been able to setup Codelite in such a way as to have code completion and building from the IDE. I was hoping, that there is maybe someone in the community who can maybe write a tutorial or something on how t
  5. Hey guys, I have been a silent reader for some time and with a lot of reading here and sweaty hands while reparing hardware stuff (two transistors were gone and, well, SCSI2SD after I had tried everything I could find to rescue the old HDD) I finally managed to get my Classic II which I originally planned to use as a SoC enclosure back to life again! I'm excited to do some stuff with it. The SoC enclosure is still an idea but that's shelved for now. Now I am a mathematician by training and I love me some Python. I have already seen that I can use Python 1.5.2 on Mac OS 7.5.3 (
  6. Hi all! Again, it's been a billion years or so since I've posted. Life is absolutely insane at the moment so I have virtually no time for anything I'm interested in. There's some games on my Performa that I had as a toddler, and for the life of me I cannot find them anywhere. They're pretty stupid games, but not remembering their names is really bothering me. So I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions on software that can list and/or recover files that have been deleted or lost due to reformatting the drive they're on. The drive has been reformatted several times s
  7. Hi: I'm looking at the best way to download legacy Mac software from the Internet to use on my Compact Mac (eg SE/30, CC etc..). In the past, I used my old WinXP computer and it was tedious, but it worked. Now that I have Win10, it does not work any longer. So, what is best way to do this ? I'm thinking of perhaps buying a PowerPC G3, with Zip drive (I have an external SCSI Zip that I can use on the SE/30). Would the software downloaded by it be compatible with compact Macs ? What OS should be used on the G3 that would be Internet-friendly, as well as compatible ? I read that a du
  8. Anyone have a copy of this software (Mac version)? i found an old dos version online but i think itd be cool on the SE30! I even tried contacting wolfram who said that version 1.2 is no longer supported. Really? its only released in 1989 about 10 releases ago...Id love to get the .img in mac form. maybe the dos version will work but i doubt it...ill try but just wondering anybody got a copy?
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