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  1. Hello 68k Forum Members, Just got this cool Macintosh SE FDHD that has been in storage since 1994. Cool, right? Well I was having fun for a couple days while it worked, decided to order the special screw driver to take the panel off. Just got the panel off today, cleaned it up, and put it all back together. However, the horrible screen showed up: A Mac Cursor and a Floppy Disc with a "?". The poor hard drive from 1991 is finally dying, whether it's from me taking off the back panel or just age. When the unit powers on, I can still hear the hard drive start to spin up, but when it gets
  2. The Macintosh SE I acquired about 2 years ago seems to be having intermittent issues, that seem to have gotten worse since I've owned the machine. Basically, sometimes when the machine is powered up, it doesn't chime and instantly throws a Sad Mac error. Other times, the Sad Mac will appear randomly while the machine is running. My best guess to the cause of this issue would be bad solder joints on the logic board (as slightly jolting the machine seems to make it work again), but I'm not really sure. Bad contact with RAM could also be a problem, as the contacts look to be of questionable integ
  3. So I picked up an Macintosh SE FDHD to get software moved between my pc and both my Macintosh SE's. After replaceing some ram that died after 5 minutes of running its doing all nice, no leaking caps and running stable! So I currently have: 1 Macintosh SE, 1 Macintosh SE FDHD and 1 400/800K External floppy drive. Due this I'm able to move files from the Macintosh SE to my computer... So I can get MacTCP and all the other software to work. Only... What can I get to connect it to ethernet? I've tried searching on ebay and I didn't find any that are suited for the Macintosh SE, although I'm no
  4. Hi. I have a PowerBook Duo 230 with problem. When I tired to turn it on, I see on screen a floppy disk icon with symbol "?" What I need to do ? I attached file if somebody understand what i mean. Sorry for my bed english, I'm from Belarus
  5. I have a recapped classic 2 mobo with an 80mb hard-drive. I plugged in the hard drive, turned the mac on and booted from the system 7 disk utilities floppy. Once the reformatting was done, I restarted the mac and installed system 7 on it. This all worked well and I played Oregon trail on it for a while, but after I turned off the computer a couple of times, the drive stopped showing up. When I power up the mac, I get the missing OS floppy icon, and when I boot from the Disk Utilities I don't see the drive on the desktop, or with the actual application. The drive sounds the same as it did when
  6. Doing some work, I got a Raspberry Pi to run on solar batteries and partially charge up an external battery for night time use; adding a few more solar cells would fully charge the battery and run the Raspberry Pi 24/7. Currently the solar panel is foldable into a neat package the size of a small paperback novel. But this got me thinking. A few years ago at a Google/Linux conference which I spoke for the Brooklyn Linux User's Group, there was talk and demonstration of the "1 child/1 laptop" machine (aka the $100 laptop) for third world countries. It ran off a tiny battery, cranked generato
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