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Found 6 results

  1. I have a number of early PowerBooks like the 180 which have the same issue and I’m wondering if anyone knows what causes this or how to fix it. The display works fine and when first booted is fine. But then over the period of a few minutes, the corners get darker and this spreads in causing a vignette effect as shown in the photo. It seems very organic so I assume it’s not a problem with the image data. It does not look like a backlight problem.
  2. The flaky and stripy video was a broken 26-pin LCD monitor cable. Has anyone had this problem, and how was it fixed? Where would you find this kind of cable today and what is it called?
  3. I just got a Macintosh SE/30 a few days ago and want to do an LCD conversion with original hardware (none of that silly Raspberry Pi or Mac Mini board business). CRT is damaged, so perfect excuse for a fun project (hopefully I don't eat those words). I would imagine this type of mod involves pairing the right screen and card together (computer came with a Radius FPDSE30 if that helps at all).
  4. Hello I have a few vintage macs and there are two that I would particularly like to connect to a more modern (likely a used 10 year old) LCD. So I have about 5 different adapters on hand and that help get XGA+ or something else out of these machines. I have a Quadra 950 (built in video) with PowerPC 601 card and a Power Macintosh 9600 with the stock video card. I can already run these two macs on a Sony GDM-C520 but I want to get them on an LCD because the image might be slightly sharper and prefer to dedicate the Sony for MAME emulation. --
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I recently pulled out my PB 540 and decided to try fixing some problems. These are the problems its having: -Screen is cut off on lower part unless putting pressure on it. -LCD Cable has been cut a little -Audio doesn't work -Not sure if this is an issue but the screen begins to fade from all edges to black after a while. I uploaded a picture of the LCD needing pressure to actually work, and the hinge cable being cut. I figured since this is the only cable going to the LCD that maybe the connections to the audio had been cut on the ribbon c
  6. Hello, I bought this display on ebay, since I sometimes want something less bulky than a 13" CRT to hook-up with my IIcx. It arrived last week and works just as promised. But it would be nice (and practical) to design some kind of casing that better mimics the Snow White theme? Suggestions on how to pull this off is truly appreciated! /Kristian
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