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Found 15 results

  1. I have two iBook clamshells I’ve been working on. I stripped them down this far, but in both cases I got stuck at the screw holding the left hinge, the one dead center in this photo: It turns freely, but won’t come out. There’s enough of a gap for the grounding cable to rotate, though. I tried forcing the screw upwards, but didn’t make any progress. The screw on the right hinge comes out without any trouble. A stuck screw is no surprise, but I wasn’t expecting to get stuck on the same screw in both iBooks. Is there something I’m missing? Is there something about t
  2. I recently got an iBook G4 and when I turned it on a folder with (Classic) Mac OS logo and question mark appeared, it seem like Mac OS X isn't installed. Mac OS X Tiger install CD came with it, unfortunately it was only an upgrade CD but it was useful enough to make sure that the hard drive is alive. So how can I install Mac OS X on this iBook?
  3. Hello crews, I hope to find someone here who has a working PowerBook/iBook G3/G4 running Mac OS 9.x and who could help me with the hibernation feature in pre-OS X Mac OS. Mac OS 9 does support system hibernation like OS X does ("Safe Sleep"). It seems to work on laptops only - I wasn't able to activate it in my iMac G3 indigo. This feature can be supposedly enabled in the Energie saver control panel. There should be a check box "Preserve memory contents on sleep" in the "Advanced settings" tab. Can someone running Mac OS 8-9 verify if the above mentioned option is p
  4. Hi everybody, I have just bought an iBook, model number M6497, without a power supply. The seller said he believed it was a 600MHz G3. I'd like to know the model number of the power supply so that I can go look for one. On the back of the iBook in awful grey on white (I think I need glasses), it is rated 24Vdc and 1.785A max. Can anyone help? Thanks, aa
  5. Hello, So back in the day I used to see ads for the fruit color iMac G3s and I always wanted one, but couldn't have one. Fast forward to today and I have a small collection of old Macs. I already have three G3 machines (Powerbook G3 Main Street, PDQ, and an Icebook), yet I still desire a fruit color iMac. The reason is really just aesthetics and nostalgia. I know the specs won't be any better than the other G3s I have (correct me if I'm wrong). I mainly collect Mac laptops due to space concerns, though I could squeeze in another desktop/compact if I wanted to. I like that the
  6. Hay, all - I still use my g3 ibooks in rotation, while slow for web surfing generally, they work ok as a companion unit when I'm at work. I have been using tiny EDIMAX brand USB wifi dongles, as their software plays well with OS 10.4, unlike many others. (I have to have WPA2 level security even to get on the "visitor" network here at my office.) But the darn black plastic antenna covers keep breaking. They are very thin plastic and not durable at all. Of course, the antenna still works with the plastic broken or removed, but then this sharp little thing is sticking out of the side of the lapto
  7. Found this iBook G4 mid 2005 12" at my local Savers for $10! It didn't have a charger but I had a universal power supply that worked just fine. I did go ahead and grab a genuine 45W charger off of eBay though. So here are the specs: 1.33GHz G4, 1GB ram, original 40GB hard drive (I do plan on upgrading this eventually). This iBook was very dirty when I got it, almost looked gray! You can see in the last picture how much lighter it got when I started wiping it off. It does have a few very minor (in my opinion) cosmetic issues but nothing major. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the battery, it h
  8. Hey, all - one of my G4 iBooks is showing its age. Wondered if this is indicative of a logic board failure - can anyone help me confirm? 1. Startup chime occurs 2. Screen does not light and no further boot 3. Last boot prior to above, booted into open firmware, then after mac-boot, started normal boot and got the greyed out "You must restart your computer" screen 4. I have used TDM and checked the drive and using DiskWarrior have checked the drive - I get an OK on its SMART status and have used DW to rebuild the directory on the drive 5. I switched out the additional RAM chip in the ma
  9. I need to reinstall Leopard on my iBook G4, however I have no dual-layer DVDs to burn my .dmg to. So, I need to boot from USB. I have heard that this has been done before through Open Firmware. How is this done? I might also need to install on my PMG5, so I'd like a method that works with that too. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am new on this forum so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Anyway, I have (or had, and will soon) OS X 10.3 Panther installed on my G3 366MHz Clamshell. I find it to be much faster than Tiger. So, are there any good web browser options? I'm OK with something a little bit outdated, all I need to do is look up information and news 90% of the time. But not something ridiculously outdated either, because I'd like it to works decently with most websites with out displaying the page all wrong and out of place. I know speed is going to be terrible no matter what option I
  11. Just got my clamshell today. Its running 9.2.1 and it has an airport card installed. However, I keep getting error code 3278. It appears when I open the airport app and when I go to where there should be networks, and all I see is 3278. I've tried swapping AIrport cards, I tried reseating it, I tried a fresh install... Idk whats wrong with it, but its annoying me to no end. Any ideas?
  12. Hi guys, I'm new to macs in general so please takee it easy on me... :b&w: I just recently got an iBook G4 and want to replace the HDD with an SSD. Two issues that people have mentioned but seem to have no hard information about: 1 - The pin set-up of the original HDD. Some people have told me it's not a normal sized IDE. It's smaller. I can't really tell from the pictures on the internet so I'm hoping someone has done this before and can tell me definitively 2- Sata 3 to PATA. The SSD I want to use is a normal 2.5" SATA 3 HDD. Once again, "people online" have said
  13. Will Airport WiFi on clamshell iBook work in OS 8.5? Thanks.
  14. Hello. I have an iBook G3 clamshell Graphite edition running OS X 10.3. I want to revert back to OS 8.5. I have the CD disk installer (an original). But when I insert the disk I cannot install the OS. How do I install 8.5 please? Michael =
  15. My oldest 800mhz G3 'book suddenly has a major issue - won't turn on with any regularity, can occasionally get restarted and booted by pressing the power button and inserting - removing - reinserting the power cord. Makes a low tone almost like a low toot sometimes with no boot, sometimes does that before booting. And, it will not charge a battery when it does boot. I have another dead 800 with some parts I can cannibalize. My question is, do the above symptoms point to just the little power board, or to a mainboard failure? I know the teardown is a bit of a bugger - maybe something fo
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