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  1. Looking forward to a new run (I missed the first run because I was expecting this forum to email me thread updates, which inexplicably didn't happen for a few months!) I can confirm that USPS is unreliable right now, I have a cable en route that shipped out of CA a month ago and is finally in MA after being in a black hole for two weeks. When I opened up an inquiry with USPS it popped back into existence after a couple of days. FedEx and UPS have been reliable.
  2. Looking forward to the finished product!
  3. Thanks for the confirmation that I should do the analog boards too. I've heard of "Macintosh Repair & Upgrade Secrets" - while Alibris has somone selling a new copy for $96.11, Amazon has a seller with a new copy for the low, low price of just $1,188.39. Wow. (I ordered a used copy for $20.) My non-surface mount soldering skills should be pretty good (many years ago in high school I took a summer course in electronics that involved a lot of soldering, both practice on junk electronics and a couple of kit projects). It's the surface mount stuff that I'll have to take extra care with
  4. So I did a little more searching, and here are the motherboard capacitors used in a 128k: 33µF 16V, 2 pieces 4.7µF 35V, 1 piece Got that info from here: http://retromaccast.ning.com/profiles/blogs/compact-mac-analog-board He also lists the analog board components, which I found some other, older info on here: http://macfaq.org/plusanalogue.html and here: http://www.jagshouse.com/vertical.html What are folks' opinions on doing pre-emptive replacement work on the analog board?
  5. Thanks for the tips! I'll contact trag regarding the SE/30 caps. However, that still leaves the Mac 128k, and capacitors in power supplies/analog boards in these compact Macs. I've read that until the late era Mac Plus, the power supplies were equipped with capacitors that weren't really up to the task... I've also read that there have been a lot of revisions to the components in the power supplies of the compact Macs from the 128k to the Plus, so am I correct in guessing that documentation on this topic is scattered? Should I just not worry about the components in the power supplies un
  6. Hi, This is my first time posting here... I've been a Mac user for a long time, and have a few classic systems in my collection that are running fine now, but I know that someday I'll have to replace failed capacitors in them. I would rather re-cap them pre-emptively than wait until they fail (and deal with that potential mess). The systems I'd like to focus on right now are my Mac 128k, SE/30, and maybe my Color Classic (which currently has a Mystic motherboard in it). I have a Weller soldering station, and while I have some experience soldering, it's been mostly small things and
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