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  1. Nice score! I like the TechTool disk.
  2. Well, I plugged it in today for giggles, and whaddya know, I got a chime and the mouse screen. I get varying results though, like sometimes i get chimes of death, and once or twice I get a black screen. But most of the times i get a screen with a cursor. Ideas?
  3. Er judging from those pictures to me it seems the case is in relatively nice condition! Why do you say that?
  4. Mars478

    Rescue A Pod

    Would you be willing to send me the motherboard from the 5th gen iPod? I would like one for a project
  5. I'm in the process of doing just the same thing... Good to know it works. Good job!
  6. This thread is going to go in a great direction.
  7. This thread is fully of weirdness.
  8. Why is there A Macintosh TV in that picture?
  9. Great Job! This is what I need to do to my iMac G4...
  10. Yeah you're pretty safe with the 12" PB.
  11. Asking for illegal software is frowned upon here...
  12. I don't know what that website is, but it sure is down.
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