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  1. Finally managed to find my photo of the crazy tornado effect (it looked a lot more pronounced in person due to the persistence of vision effect):
  2. After managing to rescue my dad's old Classic II, I've been meaning to get around to replacing the failing SCSI drive in the machine with an SCSI2SD. Problem is, I'd like to do it with a clone of the original hard drive, as it has some interesting stuff I would like to keep around. My current thinking is that I can buy some SCSI to USB adapter, plug it into a Linux box, and do a dd clone of the whole drive, then somehow plop that onto the SD card. Or maybe, is there a way to use the SCSI2SD itself as an SCSI adapter through its USB port? Basically what's the best way to go about cloning an SCS
  3. Ah, that's my bad then. Unfortunately it seems I can't go back and edit the post now, for whatever reason...
  4. I might be misremembering, but it was either ROM boot or a floppy boot as I did manage to get to the desktop before I fixed the drive. Was it only the first Classics that have ROM boot?
  5. When I went up to the attic a couple of years ago to help my dad out with something, I spotted an old Mac box. Curious, I asked if I could take it downstairs and test it out. "Sure, but that thing hasn't worked since before you were born," he said. Undeterred, I lugged the box downstairs and discovered: A Macintosh Classic II Its peripherals (mouse, keyboard) Some extra no-name keyboard All the documentation, manuals, etc that came with the machine The receipt of purchase An old Apple printer Everything looked to have been kept in pretty good condition a
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