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  1. Do you have a Mouser BOM for these? Or at least, a recommendation for which size/type of cap to get?
  2. I gave up and used a SCSI2SD. I'll end up buying another dozen of them or so. RIP my wallet.
  3. As I posted in some other thread here, I have a Q950 bezel with the round button and a set of calipers. https://imgur.com/a/HkpInXh I can make as many measurements as anyone needs, though I don't know CAD.
  4. What's the best path to upgrading 8.0 on a Quadra 950 to 8.1, if the installer shows the drive as "unsupported"? I got 8.0 on this Apple-branded IBM 2GB SCSI HDD by booting from a SCSI2SD image that has Anubis installed on it. I also had to use an external SCSI CDROM drive, as the internal caddy-loading CDROM drive is dead.
  5. I have both a Lombard and a Wallstreet, but neither boot. I've asked here for suggestions, and the suggestion was "try new RAM", which I don't own. (I did try removing individual sticks, which is no easy task in a Lombard, with no joy.)
  6. I just obtained a working MP2000, and am faced with the bootstrap problem. I have no interconnect dongle, and I don't yet have any PCMCIA cards. Is anyone in the Atlanta area willing to provide a bootstrap card? Also, I have 2 non-working MP100s. One doesn't power on at all. The other one powers on but displays either a mostly dark screen or scrolling lines. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  7. The hinges appear fine, and the video cable seems to be intact. Video doesn't work from either the display or from the VGA port to a monitor. At this point I've removed and reseated the RAM, PRAM battery, modem, and CPU. It chimes on boot, but I get no video whatsoever.
  8. Tried this, no joy. I'll remove and reseat the RAM next, but wow, it's a PITA for this laptop. HDD is an Apple branded 6GB Fujitsu SCSI drive.
  9. Update: I had the boot conditions swapped for the two laptops. The Lombard, in rough condition, chimes on boot, but never displays video. I've left it plugged in for several hours. Its keyboard gets warm, and it seems to be running, but it displays no video, and won't display via external monitor either. The Wallstreet does not boot at all. Its fans spin momentarily upon receipt of power.
  10. I just acquired (under a small amount of duress) both a Wallstreet PowerBook G3, and a Lombard PowerBook G3. Both are in mediocre-to-poor condition, and neither boot to OS. The Wallstreet is in better condition, only missing its CD-ROM drive. When connected to power, its fans spin up for a second, then stop. Push power button, and it chimes, but has no video. I verified the internal display cable, RAM, HDD were all connected properly. I have <i>not</i> let it sit for 2+ minutes to see if it'd boot, and I'm certain the PRAM battery is dead, so maybe that's the culprit?
  11. I'll likely be emailing you for a cap kit soon . When soldering SMD caps to a board, do you use an iron, or is there some magic with a heat gun I'm not aware of?
  12. I liberated a Quadra 840av over the weekend. It was in middling-to-poor condition, with a dead SCSI HDD and rust at the bottom of the case. I got it to boot with Mac OS 8.1 via SCSI2SD. However, I haven't yet been able to get networking to function with the Asante Mini EN/SC. After much rebooting and extension-disabling, the system will boot properly, but will lock up in the TCP/IP menu, or sometimes in Filesharing or other networking menus. Any ideas?
  13. Update: I discovered and used this amazing Apple Legacy Software Recovery CD https://www.macintoshrepository.org/931-apple-legacy-software-recovery-cd . If you're working on a 68k Mac, full stop! Get this iso now! I was able to boot from this CD. When I used Drive Setup, I noticed the scsi2sd's light blipped for a second. Per this thread, I updated the scsi2sd's config to identify itself as a " SEAGATE" drive and so forth. This time, the scsi2sd 'drive' showed up. I tried initializing with 1.5, but that didn't work. 1.7.3
  14. My Mac IIsi is having some issues both booting from a SCSI device, and seeing any other SCSI device. The IIsi has a new scsi2sd adapter with a 7.5.3 image from http://www.savagetaylor.com/2018/01/05/setting-up-your-vintage-classic-68k-macintosh-using-a-scsi2sd-adapter/ . The scsi2sd can't see either the SCSI CD ROM drive, or an external SCSI HDD. I can boot from an external SCSI CD ROM drive, but then can't see the scsi2sd. The external drive is set to id 3 and is set to terminate, and the scsi2sd is 0. I've tried: booting 7.6.1 CD (no j
  15. I made a docker container for this: https://github.com/unxmaal/docker-netatalk/ You should be able to simply install docker and docker-compose under Linux (or another OS X box using homebrew), and then run 'docker-compose up'.
  16. I don't believe the ROM has ResEdit on it. Patching is dumb-easy. Follow the instructions -- open each specified file (System and the update file, IIRC), click into gusd, find the 0018 offset (third from the top), click near the 03, change it to 05, save and done. Before you get lost in a swamp, throw some more money at BMOW for a Floppy Emu. You can then easily download things you need from the Internet, and drop them into disk images that live on the SD card and that are seen by the SE/30 as floppy disks -- like ResEdit. Just remember: hobbies are work th
  17. This works now. All I had to do was, following the listed guide, and booting from the Rom-inator ROM disk, modify both the System file and the System 7.5.2 Update file with ResEdit, and restart. Thanks!
  18. I'm working with a new (to me) Mac SE/30. I swapped in the board from my other SE/30, but didn't replace the HDD. This motherboard has been recapped, and has a Mac Rom-inator installed. The new SE/30's HDD has Systems 6, 7.0.1, and 7.5.3. I had issues getting 7.5.3 to boot, so I assumed it was a faulty install, and installed a whole new 7.5.3 via "floppy disks" from my Floppy Emu. The new 7.5.3 didn't work either, because I'd totally forgotten about the required Rom-inator patches. Woops. Is there a reliable process to hack an existing 7.5.3 install into run
  19. Update: finally got around to swapping the IWM, and it worked like a charm! Reads great from the Floppy Emu. (I haven’t tried a real FD yet.) Thanks!
  20. This board definitely has a 344-0043-A IWM, one of the originals. I thought the Floppy EMU supported that? Am I doing something wrong there? I just picked 'macintosh' from the emu menu.
  21. How would I test for this? I have another board, that's dead in a different way. Can I pull the IWM and swap?
  22. I have a Mac SE that seems unable to read from any floppy drive connected to either the external or internal floppy connectors. It states the disk is unreadable, and asks to initialize it. I've tried with an Apple external FD to external, the native built-in FD to both internal ports, and with a Floppy Emu to both internal ports and the external port. The board looks very clean and shiny, with no cap leaks or visible corrosion. It's running System 7.1. Any ideas?
  23. The prior owner of this Mac SE had installed a SE/30 motherboard in it. When he sold it to me, he was unable to get it to boot past a SimasiMac screen. I scrubbed the motherboard, removed all the caps, and replaced them with new SMD or axial ones. I still had some trouble with SimasiMac, but after removing the metal insulator shield, the trouble cleared. I think, after all the cap replacement work, that the motherboard was shorting to that insulator shield. I do see some evidence of rust or corrosion on the plastic liner, and it is bent in several places. Without the shield, it w
  24. I'm finding a lot of opinions on CD burning, and few facts. If I have a System 7/8/9 .iso, can I burn that from, say, Win10, to a regular blank CD? Or do I need to find an ancient Mac with a burner and use Toast?
  25. I had tried the Mac Garden Stuffit 5.5 bin, which didn't work. Ultimately I was able to install 4.0 deluxe on the Powerbook VM, compress its 5.5 Deluxe to a .sea, then binhex that and transfer it to the CC. I'll work on getting a proper 5.5 install over the weekend. I suspect this 7.6.1 OS install needs to be wiped and redone, but since it is a Mystic with the LC575 board, and I have no other external bootable media, I'm not sure I want to tackle that.
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